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The Ultimate Guide to Writing & Selling eBooks Profitably

Even if you are not a professional writer, have a small audience or don’t know where to start. (Perfect for beginners)

You believe you should create an eBook to start monetizing online, but all the steps are so confusing and you wish you had a clear path

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started creating content online, or if you’ve been sharing for a while. At some point in your journey, you realize you’re giving away so much for free and you could be getting paid for your knowledge. And that’s where eBooks come in. eBooks are one of the simplest, low-cost ways of getting your audience to pay you!

Your Ideas = Money $$$

One of the biggest mistake I see struggling creators make is they wait too long before they monetize. 

They invest so much time on social media, sharing valuable content after valuable content, focusing on growing followers but never making any money.


Followers do not equal cash.

Making money is the by-product of ideas worth paying for. 

eBooks are the easiest ways to package your ideas and knowledge into a product your audience can buy now. You can validate your ideas with them and start earning money without needing to build out a full online course. 

Your audience is already loving your content and asking you for help. They want to know how you do what you do. They ask you questions all the time, seeking your wisdom and guidance.

But if you never give them something they can buy, they’ll always come back for your free content. 

Imagine you finally got the confidence to write, design, and launch your next eBook..

eBook Sales Math

The average eBook guide is priced at $10 and can be as high as $99 depending on the offer. Most eBooks teaching a skill start at $29. Let’s do the math together

If you set your eBook to $29, you could earn

$29 x 100 sales = $2,900

$29 x 500 sales = $14,500

$29 x 1000 sales = $29,000

Your revenue can be predicted. You hold the keys. Post content online. Send your audience to your eBook. Make sales. Repeat



eBook Secrets

Unlock your path to monetizing your knowledge with Simple Ebooks – Start in 30 Days or Less, with less than 10k followers, zero Ads, and no prior book writing or expertise needed!

It's time to get your knowledge out of your head and into an eBook that makes you money!

This eBook is for you if

Here's what's inside..and more!

What students are saying..

You are one step away from becoming our next success story!


This eBook did not Dissappoint!

I am amazed by all things Eva these days. I love her energy and the zest she has. This book did not disappoint. It is practical, thorough, very informative and helpful at the same time.
She truly goes in on creating ebooks from the cradle to the grave. Amazing!



Don't hesitate to buy this!

I really love this eBook! I have read it thrice and want to read it again and take action. I love how Eva explains the fundamental things to write an eBook.
Don't hesitate to buy this guys!

Eva is truly the guru of content marketing



I'm ready to write my own eBook!

I just stopped by to say, I finished reading EBook Secrets and I must say, now I'm ready to write my own eBook! Thank you very much lady, for putting your knowledge out there.



All I can say is Wow!!!

I just went through this.

All I can say is wow!!



More than a Comprehensive Guide!

"This is much more than a comprehensive guide on how to write an eBook. I felt like it was also a content marketing class and more! Thank you so much Eva!"



I'm pumped and ready to work!

Thank you for this wonderful piece.
I'm pumped and ready to work after reading it.


Hey, have we met? 🙋🏾‍♀️

Hi, I’m Eva. A few years ago, I was desperate to put more money in my bank and I wanted to do it on my own terms. 

I was so certain that the internet held the key and all I needed to do was package my knowledge into eBooks and Courses. 

I was broke, depressed and desperate

I trusted in my intuition and followed the path to start growing a social media following. 

In less than 3 months, I launched my first eBook which brought in over $5,000 in the first month and there was no going back!

Looking back now, I wish I started creating and selling digital products earlier. 

But it’s never too late.

There is more need for specialized knowledge now more than ever before and more and more people are investing in digital products that can help them. 

If you know something that others need, you are one digital product away from earning money teaching what you know. 

Ebooks are the easiest ways to start monetizing and I want to make the process even more simpler for you. 

If you are serious and willing to commit 60 minutes of your time to learning the strategies I’ll reveal in this Comprehensive Guide , then I can GUARANTEE that this will be the single most important eBook you have ever read.

See you inside!