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"If You Watch This Class, You Have to Swear to Create Your Own Digital Product!"

The 4 Secret Steps to finding out the Best Ideas for Digital Products in your Niche so you can create a Product people want to Buy!

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In this 2Hr Intensive Workshop, You'll Learn:


My simple Google-search cheat sheet for generating hundreds of Free ideas for your eBooks, Online course, Coaching offers or even your general Content! 

Without wasting your time, I’ll reveal the exact step-by-step process I use to generate lots and lots of ideas for content, Ebooks, courses and programs in my business using Google! 

Knowing this one hack alone will set you up for endless ideas for life!



I expose The 4 MOST POWERFUL ways to find out what your audience will actually pay for. 

The biggest mistake so many creators make when creating courses and digital products is creating what they think their audience needs instead of what their audience wants and WILL pay for. 

In this class, I’ll reveal the 4 Exact strategies you must follow if you are ever going to uncover the specific content and course ideas your audience wants to pay for.



You can Start making money even before your digital product is ready! I show you how to Validate your digital product idea and GET PAID early.

If your digital information product will make you money, it is better to find out long before you even create it.  

Don’t fall into the trap of completing the eBook or course or program before getting paid.

I’ll show you the SECRET strategies for validating the success of your digital product even before you create a single thing!

This is for you even if you are a complete beginner, you've never created a digital product before or you have less than 1000 followers!

Normally  N55,900   ($97)

If you've been asking -"How do I know what my audience want to buy?" - then this is The ONLY Class You Need!

🔻By following this 100% PROVEN Product Planning Process, you will uncover your most profitable ideas for your eBooks, Courses and Coaching offers Guaranteed!🔻

Watch the Training to the end, and Receive (Absolutely Free Bonus) $67 Value!

Your Guide to Growing a Hot-List of Buyers for your course:

Structured to ensure you not only have a working, profitable idea for your course / Ebook, but you also have potential buyers who are itching and ready to pay you!

Grab this BONUS when you join in Live and stay through to the end of the training and you’ll discover the secrets to not only having a course that sells, but one that has buyers even before it is ready.

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A Message from your Host:

After growing a social media following of over 400,000+ combined followers, 5400+ students, and building the No.1 course hosting platform for Africans –, I can confidently say:

The success of any online course lies in creating a course people want to pay for.

Knowing what people want to pay for is a course creator’s super power. It is the single most important thing you must focus on if you ever want to turn your knowledge into income. 

If you are serious and willing to commit 60 minutes of your time to learning the strategies I’ll reveal in this Live training, then I can GUARANTEE that this will be the single most important class you have ever attended. 

My goal for you after this class is that you will be empowered to go create your own course and be assured that you have chosen the right, profitable idea. See you there

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