The Instagram Monetization Bundle

Learn How to Turn Your Knowledge into Income, using the right, fail-proof strategies to Monetize your Instagram like a Pro! 💸

The Instagram Monetization Bundle is a collection of Live Workshops, Masterclasses and IG Live replays to help you make more sales on Instagram and monetize the right way with digital products and coaching. 🎉

“To say Eva is an Incredible teacher doesn’t do her justice. 

I went from not having confidence with my offers to being so confident now that I am nearly booked out with new clients in my business, in only 4 weeks!”

 ZeinabBusiness Coach ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



The Only Classes you’ll need to finally learn how to Monetize Your Instagram with Digital Products, without needing a team, heavy start-up capital or even 10,000 followers.

The Only Classes you’ll need to finally learn how to Monetize Your Instagram with Digital Products, without needing a team, heavy start-up capital or even 10,000 followers.

Dear Creator, 🙋🏾‍♀️

If you are serious about making money with your Instagram by selling your own Digital products, courses and coaching offers, then here’s a gift I want to leave you with today.

Let me show you how I went from Pennies in my pocket to Dollars in the Bank by Monetizing Myself. Yes! You Are About To Learn How To Monetize YOU!

Want to know the “secrets” to monetizing your Instagram?

It’s not just posting content consistently and having a lot of followers. 

It has nothing to even do with being an expert! It starts with knowing something so well that you can Teach Other People and having the balls and confidence to ask people to pay you to Teach them How to Do What You Do so well.

To be honest, people just want you to teach them what you know and believe it or not, they are willing to pay you for your information.

The big question is, do they even know you exist? And if they do know you, do they know that you have the knowledge they are looking for?

Everything you'd ever need to actually monetize your Instagram is inside my brand new Instagram Money making Bundle!

You are getting Instant access to my best selling Masterclass bundle with all of my Instagram money-making strategies, masterclasses and workshops as part of a very special FLASH-SALE until that timer hits zero!!

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The Profitable Digital Product Workshop ($197 Value)

This 2-Hour strategy Intensive is packed with my best product validation strategies to help you create a digital offer that your audience will throw their money on. 

You will learn the EXACT 3 Steps to follow to validate any product idea and get paid even before it is ready.

Here’s what you are getting and more:

DM Sales Mastery - How to Sell in the DMs ($197 Value)

If you sell anything at all on Instagram, whether it is physical or digital products, you must know how to leverage the DMs for fired up sales. 

And in the hands of the right person, someone who is serious about making money on Instagram, this FORMULA alone can become a sort of magic wand for continuous daily sales. 

Here’s what you are getting and more:


10 Steps to Creating Digital Products That Sell Like Crazy ($99 Value)

There are 10 simple strategic steps you must take every digital product through to make it eligible for sales. 

You’ll learn these and so much more: 

$2500 in 30Days Ebook Sales Strategy ($197 Value)

You know that writing the Ebook is easy, but selling it is a whole other pain. 

In this class I help you throw the guesswork out the window and share several powerful methods to help you earn $2500 in 30 Days selling your Ebooks

You’ll learn: 

5 Steps To $5K Masterclass ($197 Value)

Making money on Instagram as a coach, consultant or creator is easy, but there is so much that goes into positioning yourself to earn more. 

In this most requested Master training, You’ll learn: 

How To Turn Visitors Into Followers - IG Strategy ($197 Value)

This class focuses on the KEY Components that will help your Instagram to grow like crazy. 

I reveal the most important factors that helped me get from 0-50,000 followers in only one year. If you want to grow faster on Instagram, you must consistently convert more visitors into followers

You’ll learn:

The Hacking Hashtag Strategy Vol 1 ($99 Value)

Did you know that Hashtags can be used to directly attract buyers and clients to your page? 

It is one of the most overlooked tools on Instagram and now you’ll have a method to dominate hashtags starting today.

In this class you’ll learn this and more

5 Steps For A Money Making Page ($99 Value)

There are 5 EXACT Steps to ensure that your Instagram page actually makes you money.

If you are going to monetize your Instagram, which you must, then start at the very beginning and ensure you are building your page the right way to make you money. 

I’ll show you

When you add it all up, that's a total real-world value of over N705,000! ($1,282)

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 Omowunmi .O –Business Coach⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Total Value: N705,000 ($1,282)

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