How to Turn Your Knowledge into Income online with Simple eBooks and Courses that Sell!

even as a beginner, without needing any start-up capital, too many fancy tech or thousands of followers!


Tickets  N110,000 / ($197)

Dear Friend🙋🏾‍♀️,

If you are interested in making money online, even while you sleep, by selling your own digital products, eBooks and courses, this message will show you how.

Let me explain.

On December 12th, 2019, I decided that I was done wasting my time on Instagram and getting nothing in return for it.

This single realization drove me into a frantic frenzy to uncover the secrets of how to monetize social media even as a nobody, so I started a brand new Instagram page and began to post niche-content.

And in that year alone, even before the year was up, I had earned more than $30,000 from doing one simple thing - creating content and selling digital products. 

That's more than 17 Million Naira earned, doing something I naturally loved!

N17,000,000 in less than one year!

Does that excite you?

It should!

Because now, after spending hundreds of hours studying, using, and mastering Instagram, and several more hours perfecting my art in sales strategy and digital products creation, you will now have access to the exact strategy that I used to go from broke to several millions of Naira in the bank.

However, that's just my story.

Since I began my own journey, I have mentored more than 4,000 students in Live classes and webinars and coached several private clients who have gone on to earn thousands of Dollars selling their own digital products leveraging the power of social media.

Only this month, I helped a new client build and launch her own digital products sales funnel that has now earned her more than $32,000 in only 10 days! 

This can literally happen for anybody if you know the right things to do but instead of boring you with the details of other success stories, I am going to get to the heart of the matter.

And it is this..

For a very limited time, I am teaching a series of Live classes sharing all of the secrets of my online success, and you my friend, will be coming in for more than 80% Off the original access fees!

You'll get a chance to meet with me in the Live class, ask questions and learn the exact strategies that are working right now in the online space.

I'll give you exact details to this class in a minute, but first:

Here's a tiny glimpse of what You'll be Learning:

Tickets  N110,000 / ($197)

You don't need more followers, you need more buyers!

And guess what? There is a simple, almost scientific way of ensuring you not only create products that your followers want, but you also get them hot and ready that they are literally begging for it...

I'll show you..


What past students of my Live Classes are saying...

The Knowledge into Income Fast-track Framework

Watch the Training to the end, and Receive (Absolutely Free Bonus) $67 Value!

Your Guide to Growing a Hot-List of Buyers for your course: Structured to ensure you not only have a working, profitable idea for your course / eBook, but you also have potential buyers who are itching and ready to pay you! 

Grab this BONUS when you join in Live and stay through to the end of the training and you’ll discover the secrets to not only having a course that sells, but one that has buyers even before it is ready. 

Get tickets now, watch the entire class and grab this Exclusive Bonus!!

A Message from your Host:

After growing a social media following of over 400,000+ combined followers, 5400+ students, and building the No.1 course hosting platform for Africans – Kobocourse.com, I can confidently say:

“The success of any online course lies in creating a course people want to pay for.”

Knowing what people want to pay for is a course creator’s super power. It is the single most important thing you must focus on if you ever want to turn your knowledge into income. 

If you are serious and willing to commit 60 minutes of your time to learning the strategies I’ll reveal in this Live training, then I can GUARANTEE that this will be the single most important class you have ever attended. 

My goal for you after this class is that you will be empowered to go create your own course and be assured that you have chosen the right, profitable idea. See you there

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