Launch Your Digital Course to a Hotlist of Ready Buyers.

Exposing the exact step-by-step system we used to grow a list of 4,000+ leads and launch an eBook and digital course to over $50,000 in only 45 Days. 

Let me show you how to sell your digital course before it’s ready.


“Your teaching style is just so on point and easily comprehensible. It makes up for the time spent.. My major takeaway was learning how to find out if your audience will actually pay for the product or service using the Google and DM strategy.

🚀 Plan a Successful Course Launch

Are you ready to launch a Digital Course but worried if people will buy it? The Hotlist System ensures you have a ready list of buyers you can sell to when you launch your course. Even better, you can begin to earn money for your course long before you create it. The money is in the list, and I’ll show you how to grow a buying list fast.

Are you tired of spending countless hours creating digital products, only to see them fall flat when it comes to sales?

Do you want to know how to tap into the psychology of your target audience and turn them into loyal buyers before you even launch your course or eBook?

The Hotlist Blueprint walks you through the exact launch strategies my clients use to launch digital products successfully to $5-figures.

My big idea is you can sell your Digital Course before it’s ready, and you should!

More importantly, you’ll be able to validate your course idea, instead of spending hundreds of hours creating a course nobody wants to buy.


"I generated $60,080 in passive income in 60 days!"

The right investment can change the game. I stopped seeing investing in my business as expenses and invested $5K in a marketing sales funnel that has now created $60,080 in passive income in the last 60 Days. Scared money don't make money. Invest in your business.
Entrepreneur, @WomanCeoMindset