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Launch Profitable Digital Products & Sell on Autopilot

I’m giving you all my masterclasses, courses, workshops, guides and templates that will help you turn your knowledge into income online and automate sales with funnels 

Everyone tells you they are making money online with digital products, but no one tells you how confusing it can be in the beginning. You have to grow your audience, create products that sell, learn how to market effectively, write sales letters, design sales pages and funnels and continue to remain relevant. Not to mention how tricky the tech can be to set up!


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The Creator Monetization Bundle:

Grab 7 Mega Courses for the Price of one! Learn High level expert strategies and proven frameworks to help you easily monetize your knowledge with digital products and automate your sales with evergreen funnels!

What’s inside this Bundle?

The Profitable Digital Product Planning Workshop

VALUE $199

Your first step to creating digital products that sell! Learn how to uncover the most profitable ideas in your niche so you can create eBooks and Courses people want to buy. You will learn the EXACT 3 Steps to follow to validate any product idea and get paid even before it is ready.

The DM Sales Strategy Masterclass

VALUE $199

How to sell in the DMs like a Pro. Turn your followers into buyers fast leveraging my proven DM sales strategy. In this Masterclass, you’ll learn how to chat for cash and turn most conversations into a sale. 

The Copy Confidential

VALUE $999


How to write and design high-converting sales pages for your digital products. Learn the exact secrets of the sales page and copy formulas that have now helped us make over $100,000 in digital product sales. 

The difference between creators who make sales online and those who don’t is the messaging. Nail your message and you can generate income anytime. These Copywriting formulas are a must-have 

The Ultimate eBook Writing, Design & Sales Bundle

VALUE $499

Unlock your path to monetizing your knowledge with Simple Ebooks – Start in 30 Days or Less, with less than 10k followers, zero Ads, and no prior book writing or expertise needed!

The Lead Magnet + Tripwire Funnel Strategy Masterclass

VALUE $199

Grow your Email list fast and on autopilot and turn your lead magnet into a funnel that sells your digital products on autopilot! The strategies in this freebie funnel formula have helped me add more than 19,000 subscribers to my list plus several thousands of Dollars earned in digital product sales

Autopilot Instagram Funnel

COURSE #6 – VALUE $499


Turn your Instagram page into an ever available sales assistant for your business. Make sales with your comments, DMs, Stories and Livestreams and turn every piece of content into a Lead magnet. This masterclass is your key to sales even when you sleep!

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The deal of a lifetime! If you were to purchase each of these courses individually, that would bring you to a total value of over $3000. Now you have the rare opportunity to grab every single class for the price of one. 

Not only would you receive instant access to all of these classes in the bundle, you’ll also get my exact sales scripts and templates that help me make money in my business.

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"73 People paid for my Course before launch in only 10 Days! It Works!"

With Eva’s expert guidance, I was able to create a marketing plan and sales funnel that worked! In 10 Days I had gotten 73 people to pay for my online course. I will definitely recommend Eva, work with her.

You're already an expert. It's time to get your knowledge out of your head and into a digital product that makes you money 24-7, whether you are online or not

Hey, have we met? 🙋🏾‍♀️

Hi, I’m Eva. Today, you may know me as Wifimoneywoman or the Co-Founder of 

But my life was not always that fancy.

A few years ago, I was broke and desperate to put more money in my bank and I wanted to do it on my own terms. 

I was so certain that the internet held the key and all I needed to do was package my knowledge into eBooks and Courses. 

I was depressed and something had to work

I trusted in my intuition and followed the path to start growing a social media following. 

In less than 3 months, I launched my first eBook which brought in over $5,000 in the first month and there was no going back!

Looking back now, I wish I started creating and selling digital products earlier. 

But it’s never too late.

There is more need for specialized knowledge now more than ever before and more and more people are investing in digital products that can help them. 

If you know something that others need, you are one digital product away from earning money teaching what you know. 

Selling your knowledge online is the easiest ways to start monetizing and I want to make the process even more simpler for you. 

If you are serious and willing to commit 60 minutes of your time each day to implementing the strategies I’ll reveal in this Comprehensive Bundle , then I can GUARANTEE that this will be the single most important purchase you have ever invested in.

See you inside!