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Go From Zero to $1000 in 30 Days or Less, by Selling What You Already Know!

Unlock your earning potential and turn your knowledge into income online. This is the exact system I used to generate $4,890 in less than 7 Days, without paid ads and no digital product. It works! Perfect for beginners

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 Stop Waiting. It is Time to Get Paid for What You Know!

It is 2023, and everyone wants an online business. 

Why not! This is the future of our work and life and it’s been proven!

Research shows that one of the most profitable online businesses today is the online education business. 

If you are not yet creating value in the marketplace by selling your knowledge, pay attention.

As more and more people look towards the internet for education, the demand for informational products and courses will only continue to rise. 

The question is, will you be at the forefront of this economic revolution?

Let me help you paint a picture of what’s really possible for you when you start monetizing your knowledge:

Imagine this for a Moment

Can you imagine the wonderful freedom of knowing you can make money anytime you want, whenever you want, no matter where you are by simply selling your knowledge!​

Can you imagine the power of finally nailing your perfect offer and knowing exactly what people want to pay you for?​

Can you imagine getting clients who are ready and happy to pay you $1000 and above for your services and your knowledge, without complaining about your price? ​

Can you imagine the amazing power of knowing that your social media is working for you every time you post content, bringing you not 1, but tens and hundreds of people who need your help every single day!​


This is the type of Freedom you can have right now when you accept the challenge to charge people for what you already know!

Ask yourself this:


But you must know how to communicate your value and price yourself accordingly!

What's Inside?


I will show you how to turn your knowledge into profitable, high-paying offer, with a simple system to earn $1000 in 30 days or less!

Understand and create your unique no-brainer offer

Create content that attracts and nurtures your ideal audience​

Learn the NON-SALESLY way to Easily turn followers into buyers​

Create a pricing strategy that helps you earn more money​

Turn what you know into digital product you can sell on demand, on autopilot​

Follow a simple secret selling system to help you earn $1000 in 30 days​


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Bonus 1 – How to Sell in the DMs ($197 value)

One of the easiest ways to make money on Social media is what I call chatting for cash. 

I made my first $10,000 on Instagram by using the exact copy-and-paste techniques you’ll find inside the How to Sell in the DMs masterclass.

One of my students who used this system to close a $1000 client in less than 24 hrs!

You need this in your monetization toolkit!

Bonus 2 – Master the Instagram Game 0-5000 Followers ($99 value)

Whether you already have 5000 followers or you have less than a thousand, this training will teach you the fundamentals of Instagram. 

Instagram may have changed over the years, but the rules of the game have been the same and consistent.

You will learn how to grow your Instagram organically and with the right audience who will eventually buy from you. 

Yes, it is a game and only those who play by the rules will win.

Bonuses Total Value – $296 

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Hi, my name is Eva Alordiah, and I am the founder of Africa’s first, all-in-one course hosting platform, Kobocourse.com.

Kobocourse caters to creators who want an easier way to sell their knowledge. We have created several tools inside of Kobocourse to help them sell their knowledge in different ways.

But most of these creators like you, are just starting out in business.

This Course is perfectly crafted for the creator who already has a small audience on social media. 

Instead of trying to get more people to follow you, I want you to focus on getting money through the door and turning the followers you already have, into buyers!

Simply use your Instagram DMs and your Stories exactly like I will show you in this class, and then get ready for money pouring in more than you ever anticipated. 

What you are going to do in the very first week after the class is this: 

Immediately begin to create the type of content that gets sales as I show you, attract a flurry of the perfect clients for your offers exactly like I teach you, and get back to me in less than 7 days with your amazing results.

All you have to do is first, Implement the very first step in Module One. You won’t even have to do everything at once.

The only time this doesn’t work is when you don’t work.

Teach, and Grow Rich

The good news is no one is asking you to do work that you do not want to do. 

You will be doing the exact work you love, teaching what you know, helping people with your knowledge, and getting paid for it. 

If that’s not freedom, I don’t know what is.

But this is only the beginning!

In the following two weeks to one month after attending this Lecture, you will not only have upgraded your finances, even your mindset will have a makeover!

You will no longer waste your time complaining about not having enough, not getting sales, or not having money.

Your mindset about money will change drastically and you will move with a confident restfulness, knowing that it is not the money in your bank that matters but the wealth held in your own wonderful mind. 

It’s like having your own Genie in a lamp that you can pull out at any time and make a wish for money. 


"73 People paid for my Course before launch in Only 10 Days! It Works!"

With Eva’s expert guidance, I was able to create a marketing plan and sales funnel that worked! In 10 Days I had gotten 73 people to pay for my online course. I will definitely recommend Eva, work with her.

Knowing how to Monetize Your Knowledge is a game-changer for every Creator!

And then the most remarkable part of this transformation!

You will be able to choose when you work, how many hours you work each day, and who exactly you want to work with. 

You have the power. 

You don’t need anybody breathing down your neck telling you what to do. 

You are your own boss. You will be working from home, in your pajamas, on your bed if you want to. 

Think about this! 

To start making more money than you ever made right now, all you have to do is turn up your own desire to earn and begin monetizing what you already know.

And that’s exactly what I must reveal to you in this Live group coaching workshop.

So let me be extra clear.

The foundation must be right.

You must be absolutely sure that what you know right now is worth paying for.

This is not just about giving people information. People do not pay for information in 2022, they want results.  You have to have SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE.

Now while I am happy to teach everyone this stuff, this material is NOT for everyone.

This Course is specifically for those who share or teach information online- Content creators, coaches, influencers, consultants, hobbyists, service providers etc.

This is only for those who are looking for a way to sell the intangible, their knowledge. 

It is not for you if you sell physical products. 

Although the concepts and lessons I teach here can apply to you, it is best suited for the people who want to earn money teaching what they know.

Also, if you are looking for a get-rich-quick system, this is not for you. 

If you follow what I teach you and you implement it dutifully, you are guaranteed to get results. I have had students earn $1000 in only 1 day of implementation. 

It is up to you and how fast you want your progress.

You are expected to be implement every aspect of this Master Program to see results.

If you can’t, or are not willing to go through the training and implement the homework given, this course may not be for you.

I only want to work with people who want to see results. You cannot get any results you are willing to work for.

The regular price of this course is only N320,000  ($497)

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Answers to Your FAQs

This course has been designed to specifically help you get your ideas out of your head and create an offer for this challenge. I will teach the elements of high-converting offers and show you how to create a profitable offer you can sell now

Yes you get instant access to the course right as soon as the Pre-Sale ends! You’ll be able to log-in with your email and password to access all materials at any time

No, all videos and course content have to be access directly inside your members area. You will have to log into get access. However there is no restriction on when you can view your classes

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds for Digital Products and Courses. Please read through the benefits of this course to determine if it is the right fit for you.