How do you get paid for knowledge?

  • How to Make $1000 Fast From Home by Monetizing Your Knowledge Online

    If you want to learn how to sell your knowledge online and make your first $1,000 the smart way, this is for you.

    I’m going to assume you already have something to teach people which is why you want to sell your knowledge.

    Too many people complicate the process. I have already previously shared a more comprehensive guide on how to monetize your knowledge online.

    But in this article, I’ll simplify it all the way down so you can copy and paste my exact strategy for $1000.

    But first, let’s answer your biggest question.

    how to make $1000 fast online by monetizing and selling your knowledge

    How can I sell my knowledge online?

    If you’re reading this, chances are you already have a social media page, a smartphone, and a brain full of knowledge. For simplicity, this is all you need to sell your knowledge online.

    Of course, you’d need people to sell to and that’s what I will show you how to do in this post.

    If I were starting over from scratch with no money and a small audience, here’s exactly how I’d make $1000 in 30 days or less by selling my knowledge online.

    (all you need is your brain and the internet)


    What I’m about to share with you works if you work it.

    This is the exact system I used to make $4,863 in only 6 days.

    Do yourself a favor and bookmark the steps below so you can come back to it when you’re ready.

    Let’s jump in.

    How do you package and sell your knowledge online?

    There are so many ways to package your valuable information into a product that people can pay for.

    You can sell

    • eBooks
    • Online Courses
    • Masterclasses
    • A Paid newsletter
    • Coaching services
    • Group Coaching cohorts
    • Memberships and Subscription sites
    • A paid social community e.g Discord, Telegram

    The opportunities are endless and you’re only limited by your imagination!

    Can I make $1000 online selling eBooks?

    The simple answer is yes, and even more.

    Most people who start monetizing their knowledge online start with eBooks. eBooks are as old as the internet and still very valuable today.

    When I started selling my knowledge online, I started by writing and selling eBooks.

    These simple eBooks helped me earn my first $5,000 through Instagram alone.

    But If I was starting over from scratch today as a beginner, I’d not start with eBooks.


    Look at this simple monetization math

    To make $1000 selling eBooks, you’d need

    100 people x $10 = $1000

    A smarter, faster way to the money would be to create a high-value 1-on-1 coaching offer that you can sell above $100.

    Now you need to find only

    10 people x $100 = $1000


    4 people x $250 = $1000

    even better

    1 person x $1000 = $1000

    The key here is to create an offer so good that people cannot say no.

    Then position it in front of people who need it and who can pay you.

    Like this ↓

    First, think about what you can sell.

    • What problems have you solved for yourself?
    • What results have you gotten in the past?
    • What do people ask you for help with?
    • What do you know like the back of your palm?

    Next, identify exactly who needs this offer and the demographic of the people who can afford it

    • Who are they?
    • What do they complain about?
    • What keeps them up at night?

    To monetize your knowledge successfully you have to create a high-value offer that people need

    People confuse the offer with the product. Your offer is more than just a product people buy, it is the transformation that the product will create for your buyer or students.

    Tie your expertise to their problem and come up with a solution.

    A high-value offer paints a vivid, clear picture of worth in the buyer’s mind.

    But it will also

    • Promise their dream outcome
    • Prove they can achieve it
    • Reduce the time it takes
    • Simplify the steps to get there

    For example, if you’re a weight loss coach for women.

    The product on sale is the Coaching.

    Offer 1 – 1-on-1 Coaching – How to lose post-pregnancy weight fast ($200)

    Offer 2 – Bounce Back Mama – 1-on-1 coaching to help you drop post-pregnancy weight in 60 days, without going to expensive gyms, while still eating all the foods you love (includes accountability + grocery lists and healthy nutrition guides) ($200)

    Do you see the difference?

    Which one of these do you think is worth the price?

    Can you see how Offer 2 can easily be priced at whatever the coach decides its value is?

    To create an offer you can charge more money for, you must

    • Be specific about the outcomes
    • Be confident in your promise
    • Remove barriers to success
    • Be clear on your targeting
    • Include even more value

    ????Don’t Sell Information

    Your information is valuable. But nobody wants to pay for information. They want to pay for their dreams and transformation and positive outcomes.

    If you want to monetize your knowledge, don’t sell information.

    Sell solutions to problems.

    Next, deliver your Offer to Sell your knowledge

    Now that we are clear on your offer, let’s move to how you’ll deliver this offer and earn $1000 in 30 days or less

    There are 2 simple ways I teach my students to do this.

    • Sell 1.1 coaching
    • Sell a group class

    Your 1-to-1 can be priced much higher than a group class, but they are similar.

    I prefer group classes because they allow me to serve many people at a time and also create community.

    But if you’re just getting started, start with 1-to-1 to build your confidence.

    The plan is to work with as many people as you can, get results, generate testimonials, and eventually have a tested offer that you can turn into a digital product.

    Set the right price for your coaching

    Next, let’s take care of that pricing issue.

    Many beginners worry about the price. Don’t be like them. Start thinking about your price as a reflection of the value you offer.

    Remember, your clients are not paying for 1 hour of your time. They are paying for the results contained in that 1 hour.

    Here are 2 keys to help you set the right price.

    ???? # 1 – Charge low enough that they believe they are getting a grand deal, but high enough that you attract only people who are serious.

    ???? # 2 – I like to ask myself – “If I were in my prospect’s shoes, what would be a fair price for this?”

    Use your discernment.

    Now, the most important part..

    Attract clients on social media

    Give yourself the goal of focusing only on attracting clients.

    • Create a landing page
    • Set up a virtual Ticket (I use
    • Make sure to write a detailed description of your offer
    • Create content daily on social media (X / Instagram / LinkedIn)
    • add a CTA to direct people to buy your ticket

    But there is a catch.

    Don’t tell them to go click the link in your bio, you’d lose your buyers. Do this instead

    ✅ Ask people to DM you for the info.

    Especially when you still have a small audience. You want to know exactly who is interested in your offer.

    This DM strategy will also help you

    • Follow up with prospects
    • Do Market research via chats
    • Collate a list of Potential clients

    So now your plan looks like

    • Create an offer
    • Post daily content
    • Make CTA to DM you
    • Send the link to book with you
    • Follow up till they give you their money

    You cannot fail if you follow this plan. All the work rests on the type of content you share, and the value perception of your offer.

    Bookmark this, use it, and go sell something valuable today.

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