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  • How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile to Convert 10x + Instagram Bio Ideas

    If you use it correctly, Instagram is one of the most powerful tools to grow your business

    But the truth is, 99% of Creators and Artists have poor profiles that do not convert

    Here are 7 Killer Ways to optimize your Instagram for more followers and more sales.

    (#5 should be implemented immediately)

    Understand that your Instagram page is a Landing page.

    The question for you is, what do people see when they land on your profile for the first time?

    • Your Handle
    • Your Name /title
    • Your Bio/ Description
    • Your Feed / Content

    Specifically, when people look at your profile, they want to know 3 things

    What does this person do?

    How exactly can they help me? 

    What makes them so special?

    Do I want to see more of their content?

    Your job is to ensure each question is immediately answered when they land on your page. More importantly, you want them to make the choice of following you.

    Let’s optimize your Instagram page for conversion and more Followers

    Optimize Your Instagram Handle

    You want your Instagram handle to be 

    * Specific

    * Memorable

    * Easy to read

    Your handle can be your personal name, business name, nickname, moniker, or whatever you decide. It can also be niche based, i.e @EvaFitness @CookingWithEva 

    As much as possible avoid too many numbers and underscores, i.e @Eva_Fitness is better than @Eva_Fitness_00886 

    Audit Your Instagram Name / Title

    Your Instagram title gives you an opportunity to step it up a notch. Most people do not know the value of an optimized Name. When done right, people who need your services can find you on Instagram simply by SEARCH. 

    To optimize your name for search, make sure it is exactly what people know you by. If you use Instagram for business, think of the other ways people will search to find you.

    What keywords would they use?

    What keywords do you want to be known for?

    Ensure to include these in your Title.

    Optimize Your Instagram Bio /Description

    Your bio needs to tell us quickly why we should care about you at all. You have very limited characters to play with and it’s important to go straight to the point.

    Your bio should tell us: 

    – Who you are

    – What you do (offer /transformation / your WHY)

    – Who you do it for (ideal audience)

    – Why we should care (results)

    – What we need to do now (CTA)

    You also want to write out your bio in a way that is easy on the eyes. 

    Few words per line, one line per statement, or a single easy-to-read sentence.

    E.g Certified Nutrition expert helping new mothers lose post-partum belly with healthy recipes 


    Certified Nutrition expert 

    Helping new moms lose post-partum belly fat without spending hours in the gym

    DM me “GUIDE” to grab my Free fat-blasting grocery list

    Here’s my bio for reference

    Optimize Your Instagram Feed / Content

    I know you’ve probably changed and updated your bio 100 times in the last few days. While your bio is important, it is the content on your feed that encourages people to follow you or take action with you.

    A great rule of thumb is to ensure your content looks like what you say you are in your bio. 

    Read your bio again. If your content isn’t reflecting what you have said in your bio, then you’re sure to turn people off.

    Instagram is a visual platform.

    While it may be true that a ‘cohesive’ or well-designed feed does not matter, in reality, it does. 

    You want your feed to pull the eye in. You want to make it easy for people to immediately gloss over your feed and know what you are about. 

    • Make your post Titles stand out
    • Create content that reflects your bio description
    • Have a clear branding style (simple colors, fonts, styling)
    • Post high-quality images
    • Leverage whitespace in your content

    Most people will make a decision to follow you simply based on your feed and layout. Create a lasting first impression.

    Include a Simple, Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

    If you never tell people what to do, they do nothing.

    On social media, people have to be directed to the next step and the next else, they’ll lose their attention to the next creator. In your bio, ensure you have a very simple CTA that calls to your ideal audience.

    What do you want them to do?

    You can ask them to DM you, Click your Link, or even follow you. 

    Make it Easy for people to contact you

    Instagram gives you several options to connect with your audience. They can Book with you, Connect to your Whatsapp, Send you an Email, or DM you, all from your profile. 

    Set up your Contact options and include your email contact address and number where possible. Ensure you set this to be visible on your profile. 

    Most people who are serious about working with you will send you an email if it is visible on your profile. 

    Optimize Your Link in Bio as a Sales Funnel

    By far the most powerful tool Instagram gives you on your profile is that one link in the bio.

    Many people overlook the power of a single link. They either stuff it with an unlimited number of options for the user, or they never direct the user right where they need to go.

    When optimized as a Sales Funnel, one link in the bio can be supercharged to run multiple Sales tasks in your business.

    Here are two main ways to use the link in the bio as a Sales Funnel:

    1. Link to Multiple links that are Funnels
    2. Link to a Single link that is a Funnel

    Because Instagram is a powerful driver for generating leads online, I like to include several Lead generation funnels. Here’s a complete Strategy class teaching you how to build your Funnel

    Use Your Highlights as Menu Buttons

    Think of your Highlights as Menus. The purpose of your Highlights is to showcase important aspects of your brand or work. Imagine that Instagram is a website, a landing page, or a homepage. 

    Your Highlights as menus would be -e.g

    About Me, Contact Me, Testimonials, Clients, Free Stuff, Podcast, Newsletter, Youtube

    Whatever you intend to draw attention to, save it as a Highlight.

    Imagine your Instagram Highlights as Menu Icons on a Website

    The content of your Highlights should be very specific and laid out in an organized manner. Again, think of this as a Menu item. 

    That’s it! With all of this setup and in order, you now have an Instagram page that converts and works for you. 


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