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  • How to Become a Better Writer and Write Ebooks Faster

    Your first Ebook is going to suck.

    It will be actual shit and it will be no good. But you have to get it out of you so the good stuff can bubble to the surface.

    Writing takes practice. This isn’t something that anyone is automatically perfect at.

    Yes there are a few people like myself who were born with a love for words and were naturally drawn to books. Still, to be any good at writing will require that you actually do spend hours sitting to write. 

    It is just like any other skill. It has to be honed, it has to be mastered and developed with consistent practice over time.

    It is important for you to know this for a fact because so many people stop themselves from ever starting or even finishing their Ebooks.

    You do not have to be a perfect writer to start writing but you do need to write to be a better writer.

    You just need to sit to write several words on the page for a period of time everyday. If you choose that time to be 10 minutes a day, then 10 minutes a day it is. There is so much that can be written in 10 minutes everyday and I believe this is where people get stomped. They think they have to be at a task to call it productive.

    Depending on how you practice, you could be at a task for 1 hour and still not get anything done because you were distracted the entire time. 

    But setting 10 minutes to the timer and deciding to commit to that time block everyday will set you up to have a book in a month than someone who never sat to write consistently.
    The reason I have had to go through all of that Introduction is because I want you to let go of your need to constantly judge yourself about your writing or your ability to write. 

    Your goal is to finally write an Ebook that you can sell. I want to ensure that you do. 

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    Here are 9 Powerful Tips to become a Better Writer so that You can write Ebooks faster

    When you write, write:

    This is possibly going to be the most important tip I ever give you on Writing. Writing is such a skill that I have found must be exercised in a deep flow state. There is no hitting the flow state and staying there if you do not simply do the thing and nothing else.

    It is easy to get distracted when you are doing a task and getting distracted is the thing that will completely botch your writing.

    If you allow yourself get distracted with every beep, notification, phone checking, or whatever else is out there fighting for your attention, You will never be able to finish pieces of writing that you are proud of

    The idea is to write the entire time you are writing.

    Do not write and edit at the same time. Set a completely different time block for your Editing and ensure that when you are writing, you persistently resist the urge to write and edit at the same time.

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    Read more books

    It is obvious that to write better, you must read more. However I have found that I have to repeat this to myself as well. Writing gets better the better writers you read. You want to read deep and wide in a variety of subjects that peak your interests, not only in the things you are writing an Ebook about.

    Inspiration for your writing will come from a wide range of things.

    The more ideas you can feed your brain, the more unique ideas of your own you can churn out and in short times too. Set an Intention for when you will read during your day and stick to it. It doesn’t have to take a long time but it should be long enough to get something new in.

    This one tip will help you not just in writing but in every area of Life.

    Write the way you talk

    Remember that your audience is also human, they are people just like you. We often want to be something else, to take on a different role of persona because we are writing this book. You forget that the reason your audience is going to buy the Ebook or even read it at all is because they are wanting your unique spin on things. 

    The easiest way to write your Ebook is to write it with the voice you speak with. The most natural way would usually be the voice in your head.

    It is easy to hear this voice if you can let yourself write for  a while till you get into the flow state. Once there, all you have to do is ride the wave and keep dropping the words on the page till there’s nothing left to share or until your timer is up.

    When you are done, read your writing back to yourself and just go over your notes. 
    Many people write but don’t want to go back to read what they have written because they are scared to face the other side of themselves. Don’t be that person.

    There is nothing to be afraid of but so much to learn. 
    Write the way you talk and read your words back to you so you can hear what your writing sounds like. This will help you become familiar with your own tone of voice and this is very important in becoming a better writer because with time, you will be able to finesse that voice and make it completely yours

    Write with Lists

    Having a list of the things you want to write on will really help you focus on fleshing ideas out.

    Writing is really about the expansion of simple concepts. How long a piece of writing is depends on how much the writer is willing to keep expanding on things. So on the whole, your Ebook is a combined total of all the many simple concepts you have expanded on with your writing.

    So to make the writing process easier, you want to break up your big subject into titles/chapters and  your chapters into sub-topics that may have their own subtopics.
    This would look something like this:
    If I was writing an Ebook on How to Bake a Wedding cake
    I will probably start by breaking this up into chapters:

    • Types of Wedding Cakes
    • Decoration and Icing
    • Ingredients and Measurements
    • Mixing the Ingredients
    • Baking the Cake
    • How to create the cake box

    This is just an example to work with.

    Now that I have broken the full concept of baking the cake in 6 chapters, I will then pick each chapter at a time and begin to work on it. So when I sit to write and I start with “Types of Wedding cakes” – I completely focus on types of wedding cakes for that writing session.

    That chapter can have subtopics as well depending on how I decide to flesh it out.   The reason that writing with lists is so important is because it helps you have a focus and a direction when you sit to write.

    Having a direction helps you flow better. You know what you are writing about, all you need to do is fill up the spaces by putting words on the page. Filling up so many spaces and writing chapter by chapter, item by item is what will finally help you have a complete Ebook in the end.
    So when you write, break things up and fill them in.


    Write in the Early hours of the day

    The particular time for a writing session will depend on the person doing the writing. There is no one size fits all. In fact you can choose to write at night if you have found night time to be better for you. The idea here is to write before you do any other serious task that will require your brain at max capacity.

    You want to write when you are lightweight in the mind, and this is usually before the day takes on a life of its own. This can be summed up in a single phrase I expect you to remember for a while. 

    First things first, write.

    First things first, write.


    Work with One Idea at a Time

    Just like writing with lists, having a specific one idea for your writing per time, will really help you to have a perspective of what to expect from the voice in your head. You are not all over the place hopping from topic to topic. You are right here, right now, focused on hacking out 1 topic at a time. 
    This will help you zone in on that particular area so you can give it your best before hopping on the next time.

    Refuse the need to judge yourself when you Write.

    To become a better writer you have to let go of self judgement, it is tough because you are your own worst critic, but first you Write, then you Judge.

    One of the reasons so many great ideas never see the light of day is because people are constantly judging themselves. You have a great idea to work with but you keep on looking at what everyone else is doing instead of focusing on your own Life’s drama. 

    You already have enough on your plate. Why add to your troubles by creating judgement.
    Writing should be fun. Do not worry about how people will receive your Ebook, all you have to do is give a  lot of value with your Ebook. 

    So stop cutting yourself off from your own success by constantly having the need to judge yourself especially in the writing stage.
    I always say, “Finish the book then judge yourself later”

    “Finish the book then judge yourself later”


    Write Everyday

    If you are serious about becoming a better writer and finally finishing your Ebook, you cannot afford to write only when you feel like it. If you wait to feel like it before putting words on the page, you will never feel like it.

    I have personally found that sticking to a daily ritual of writing helps wire this habit in for your brain, just as with anything else that we commit to doing consistently. Like I said before, to really experience a difference with writing, even writing only 10 minutes a day, everyday is enough to get your Ebook done. 

    What would most likely happen however, is that over time, you would have fallen in love with the idea of writing that even 10 minutes will become too small for you.
    I’d you want to get better at writing and finally finish that Ebook, you must push yourself and try to write for a certain time block everyday

    Set Measurable, Achievable and Timed Writing goals

    Every piece of your writing puzzle is helping you write better. If you do not have Writing goals when you sit to write, you will most likely not be hitting your overall goal of finishing your Ebook.

    For example, when I write, I decide to write 2000 words in one sitting. From my personal experience, I am usually able to write 2000 words in 1 Hour.

    This would be different from person to person of course. Remember what I said about Your Writing voice. The more familiar you are with your own unique writing Voice, the easier it will become to write faster and faster, churning out more writing in a set time. 
    So decide how many words or how long you are going to sit to write for and commit to it.

    If you go by measuring with words, do that and also know how much time it takes you to achieve the set word count.

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