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From Zero to Profit! How to Build a Hot Waitlist of Buyers for Your Digital Course on Autopilot with Funnels!

Accelerate Your Launch with a Hotlist of Buyers Guaranteed to Convert! Discover the Exact System I Used to Add 3,000+ Subscribers to My Launch Waitlist on Autopilot – No Paid Ads Required!

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"I generated $60,080 in Passive income in the last 60 Days!"

The right investment can change the game. I stopped seeing investing in my business as expenses and invested $5K in a marketing sales funnel that has now created $60,080 in passive income in the last 60 Days. Scared money don’t make money. Invest in your business.

Launch Your Digital Course Confidently to a Hotlist of Buyers!

It’s time to be smarter about how you sell online

More than 90% of Digital Courses launched in 2023 will fail to hit $1,000 in sales.

This is because most course creators and coaches online have no clue how to sell.

They depend on social media, and spend endless hours engaging online, acquiring likes and comments, only to launch a digital product to crickets. 

If you’re reading this right now, it’s likely because:

✔ You want to launch a new Course but you’re afraid nobody will buy

✔ You have created an eBook or Digital course in the past that nobody bought

✔  You want to launch a digital product to monetize but you’re stopping yourself because you have few followers

✔  You are tired of the day-to-day social media grind and you’re ready for a simpler strategy that works

✔ You like the idea of passive income and want to sell digital products on evergreen without spending all day online

✔  You are ready to launch your Course but don’t know how to sell it

and this list can go on and on. 

But if you’re still reading, then it’s because you know there is a better way, and I want to show you how. 


Leads are the Fuel of any Online Business

 Imagine what it would feel like to launch your Course to a ready, willing audience of buyers. Imagine not having to worry about sales because you are selling on automation. 

Before: Struggling to sell to Followers:

After: Effortless Sales to Hot Leads:


"73 People paid for my Course in Only 10 Days! It Works!"

With Eva’s expert guidance, I was able to create a marketing plan and sales funnel that worked! In 10 Days I had gotten 73 people to pay for my online course. I will definitely recommend Eva, work with her.

99% of Creators make this Horrible Mistake online

..and that’s exactly why they are frustrated

I was just like you.

When I started my online business, I was so excited to monetize with digital products.

I had no clue what I was doing and launched my first course in 2020. Despite the fact that my followers were always requesting this product, the launch failed miserably. 

With more than 7,000 followers I couldn’t sell more than 3 registrations into my course. But here’s what I learned over time:


1. Your Social media is for generating traffic, not for selling.

 99% of Creators miss the point of social media. And this is why most are frustrated.

Once I understood the incredible power of social media to drive monetizable attention, I stopped worrying about sales and started focusing on traffic. 

The sooner you understand this, the better for you. 

Most Creators and entrepreneurs spend endless hours on social media engaging and looking for sales. 

They wake up everyday to do the same thing.

Not only is this a waste of your time, you’d end up 

  • • frustrated
  • • disappointed
  • • and still making no sales

What you want from social media is traffic and attention, plus an automated, seamless system to convert that attention into sales for your business.



2. Followers do not buy. Hot, interested Leads do.

If you have ever tried to post content to sell in the past, I’m sure you’ve experienced how tasking that is. 

Your followers enjoy your free content.

That’s what they came for. 

When it’s time to launch your Digital Course, you need Hot Leads. These are people who raise their hands to signify interest in your offer. 

This is exactly how my Client Paula was able to rain in $15K cash collected in only 3 days of launching her eBook 👇🏼

To make this even simpler for you, when you launch your offer to a Hotlist, you are assured of sales. 

The trick here is knowing how to turn Followers into Hot leads, and then nurture these leads strategically to the sale. 



3.  The Money is in The Hot, Engaged List

You’ve heard it said again and again. Email Marketing has 4x the ROI of any other platform. 

While everyone else is struggling to stay afloat on social media, smart marketers are growing engaged audiences that they own. 

Pay attention to what your favorite mentor or entrepreneur is doing on social media.

You never see them trying to sell directly. They relentlessly post free content and use their free content to generate leads. 

The goal is not to have a large list, it is to have an optimized, healthy list with a buying audience.

Launching your Digital course or offer can be a systematic, well planned process. 

Use social media to generate traffic.

Turn traffic into email subscribers.

Nurture subscribers into buyers for your next offer. 

The best part, it can all be done on Automation with a simple funnel. 


Grow a Hotlist of 3,000+ Potential Buyers for Your Digital Course

Give me 2 Hours and I’ll reveal the exact blueprint my clients and I consistently use to generate thousands of leads organically. By the end of this call you’ll have the exact system to help you generate 3000+ hot leads for your Course!


Craft Content that Attracts a Quality Audience

Your content in itself is a lead magnet. 

Social media is noisy. To cut through the noise and attract your ideal buyers, your content must stand out. You need to learn how to generate quality content, and fast!



Turn Your Social Media into an Automated Lead-Gen Machine

You’ve been using Social Media the wrong way. It’s time to stop endlessly scrolling on the gram, and turn on the turbo power of Instagram with Automation. I’ll show you


Nurture Your Hotlist and Turn Lurkers into Buyers

Having a list is one thing. Having an engaged, responsive list of people who will buy is where the magic happens. Most coaches and course creators fail miserably to nurture their list and produce buyers. Let’s avoid that



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Meet Your No-BS Coach!

Hi, my name is Eva, and I am delighted to be your Coach, guiding your on your journey as you Monetize your expertise online. 

A few years ago, as a new Course Creator and Coach, I had to learn very quickly that having followers and having customers were two completely different things. 

I was always so stressed out about making sales in my business because I didn’t have a proven plan or strategy in place to consistently earn money online, and it made me almost hate the business I was supposed to love.

Fast forward a few years later, I have finally perfected the art of turning followers into leads and leads into real buyers of my courses and digital products. 

The answer is Funnels! And now, I will simplify the entire process for you and build out a custom funnel strategy for your next mega launch! Can’t wait to meet you!