When I started my online business, I was simply a content creator trying to grow on Instagram fast.

My entire plan was predicated on the fact that if I had a niche audience, I could potentially earn money online by monetizing with digital products.

But as soon as I began to charge people for my knowledge and services, I was in business. Being in business means you have to have the right tools to grow your online business.

The beautiful part of running an online business is that it costs way less to run your business than what you actually earn.

If you have set up your business correctly and you are working with the right strategy, paying for your tools and software will be no hassle.

My online business saved me when I was broke and depressed. Today, it costs me less than $100 per month to run it.

Here are 7 tools that help me make money online right now

1. My All-in-one Must-Have Business Tool – Kobocourse

Kobocourse.com Best course hosting platform for Africans

I use Kobocourse for selling everything in my business: eBooks, Classes, Courses, Coaching, Tickets, and even my Membership sites. This is my all-in-one platform and my business will not exist without this tool.

As an African creator, it was important for me to have a course hosting platform that enabled me to earn easily online.

Kobocourse makes secure payments easy and helps me manage my students, files, videos, and content all in one easy-to-use platform. Start with a Free account on Kobocourse

Price – $20/ N10,000 / month

2. For Unlimited Email Marketing to Unlimited Subscribers – Flodesk

Email marketing is one of the most important parts of my online business. I have tried Mailchimp, and Convertkit and ended up moving to Flodesk because of their unlimited subscriber offer.

With Flodesk, you only need a one-time subscription monthly that does not increase in price as you grow your list.

For many beginners just starting with email marketing, the price is always the drawback.

But Flodesk gives you unlimited emails and unlimited subscribers for only $19 when you sign up with an affiliate link.

Email sending and Funnel integration on Flodesk are smooth and easy.

If you already have Kobocourse and do not want to invest in another email marketing software just yet, Kobocourse makes it easy for you to send emails to your students and subscribers directly from your dashboard.

Price – $19/month (when you use an Affiliate link)

Recommended Video Tutorial – How to Optimize Your Email List for Conversion on Flodesk

3. Scheduling Tweets + Instagram + LinkedIn Posts – Hypefury

As a Writer, I decided to take Twitter seriously and the results have been phenomenal. Handling so many different social media accounts can be tasking, especially on the mind.

This is where automation and scheduling tools really shine.

Hypefury has completely changed the game for me, especially as a Twitter creator.

Not only are you able to schedule your tweets in advance, but you also get access to high-level AI tools with ideas, topics, and templates to make your content creation easy.

The best part is I can schedule all of my Tweets, Instagram, and LinkedIn all inside one easy-to-use dashboard. For a tiny monthly fee, I cannot recommend this enough.

Start with a Free account on Hypefury.

Price – $19 /month

4. SEO and Blog Content Research – Ubersuggest

This is probably one of my favorite tools as a blogger. Ubersuggest is one of the simplest tools for keyword research and SEO for blogs.

If you intend to take blogging for business seriously, you cannot skip the most important part -which is learning how to write blogs for Search.

Millions of people search on Google every single hour. Ubersuggest makes it easy to research and analyze keywords, plan my blog content, and optimize my blogs overall. I cannot recommend it enough.

Start using Ubersuggest for Free, and definitely upgrade to a Pro account to unlock even more features and capabilities.

Price – $12 /month

5. Keyword Research and Youtube Optimization – Tubebuddy

Most people do not realize that Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. If you want to become successful on Youtube, you must begin to think of the platform as a ‘Search Engine‘.

As a Youtuber, I am very glad to continue to pay for a Pro account on Tubebuddy. It makes all of my Youtube keyword research and content planning easy.

TubeBuddy is a FREE browser extension & mobile app that integrates directly into YouTube to help you run your channel with ease. With Tubebuddy, you will generate the right topics, titles, and keywords for your Youtube channel, every time.

You can start with a free account on Tubebuddy and simply install the extension to your Chrome browser.

Price – $9 /month

6. Hosting my Website and Blogs – WordPress + Elementor

I always wanted to have a blog and home base for my online business.

When I started, I started with the intention to have blogs. As a writer, this was a no-brainer. With WordPress, I am able to build out my own website, blogs, and sales funnels all in place.

I use a strategic combination of Kobocourse + my WordPress sites to power my funnels.

Although you can use Kobocourse completely on its own without needing WordPress, I found I wanted a separation.

I am able to build sales funnels and sales pages easily using WordPress and this is what powers my entire site.

Price – $30/ year hosting on Namecheap

7. For Meetings, Live Classes, and Training – Zoom

I am in the business of selling my knowledge online and monetizing with digital products. Zoom is absolutely my favorite tool for hosting my Coaching meetings, Masterclasses, and Live courses. I have been using Zoom since I started my business and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I also love that I can record all my meetings inside of Zoom, and download the videos later to be sold as Classes or courses on Kobocourse.com

Price – $15/ month

8. For DM Chat Automation and DM Funnels – ManyChat

Right now, my Instagram communications and lead generation are almost fully automated thanks to Manychat. I still enjoy chatting and directing with my audience but when it comes to lead generation and sales, Manychat makes connections easy.

You can also use ManyChat to automate your WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, and Emails.

I currently only use it for my Instagram automation but will be activating Telegram soon!

Price – $25/ month

9. For Getting and Sharing Ideas – Medium

As a writer, Medium has become a big hub of ideas for me. I love spending several minutes every day consuming content from incredible writers on Medium. This is also a separate place for me to document my ideas as well.

Right now, reading and posting on Medium is the benefit I get from being a paid subscriber. I do envision I can earn money on medium as a Writer over there but it is not my priority at the moment. For now, let’s just say this is a wonderful business tool for me to build my idea bank.

Price: $5 /month

And, that’s a wrap!

If you are just getting started with your online business and monetizing your knowledge, I hope this shows you that you don’t need a lot to make it work. As a beginner content creator looking to monetize easily, the most important tool for you would be a hosting tool that helps you sell your knowledge with ease.

Start selling your knowledge the easy way today on Kobocourse.com


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