Let’s make some money together. Anyone with a social media page and valuable knowledge can do this.

If I was broke and I needed to make $1000 online in 7 Days or less, here’s what I’d do

How to make money online fast

This Free guide will show you simple ways to: 

  • Serve your audience
  • Uncover a profitable idea
  • Create an offer that gets you paid
  • Expand your offer suite with more products
  • Turn one offer into a Sales Funnel to earn on Autopilot

If you love the idea of sharing what you know and getting paid for it, keep on reading. 

1. Find out what my present audience needs

The first step is research.

There are so many ways to find out what people want to pay for. In this case, I’d send out a very simple Google form to survey my audience. 

Most people are usually happy to answer a few questions if you ask nicely. 

Ask simple questions like: 

“What are you struggling with in ‘topic’ 

“What’s the one thing keeping you stuck from doing X?’ 

2. Craft a compelling tutoring offer

Based on the responses received, I’d craft a tutoring offer to solve the most common problem. 

A tutoring offer in this case would be a one-time class or coaching. I can decide to contact each participant in my survey to help them 1:1. 

Or I can choose to host a group class to help more people at once. 

I’d make sure this tutoring offer is the first step in my offer ladder, more on that later. 

3. Create a simple Sales page to sell tickets

Next, I’d design a simple landing page using WordPress. If you don’t know how to build websites or landing pages, create a simple ticket offer on Kobocourse.

For copywriting that converts, I’d follow the ultimate sales page blueprint to ensure I write compelling copy to influence sales. 

Your Sales page can make or break your business. 

It is the single bridge between you and your potential customers or students. 

4. Promote the Tutoring offer/class with daily Content

I’d plan to post high-converting content and lead my audience to check out this Tutoring offer. 

My daily content will call out the pains, frustrations, and problems my audience is having. 

I’d pull inspiration from my initial survey for content ideas. 

My CTA would be:

 “Join me in the Live class and I’ll teach you how to solve X” 

If I decide to go with 1:1 coaching, my CTA could be, “DM me to book a call” 

5. Host the Class Live / Take 1:1 Calls

Next, I’d host this class Live and teach my concepts to the group. 

My Tickets would be anywhere from $27 – $97 depending on the offer and the audience. For 1:1 coaching calls, I could price higher at $150 – $250 

I prefer Live group classes where I can teach many people the same concept at once. You have to do what works for you.

6. Upsell attendees to a Premium 1:1 Coaching

Your Live class/ call is an opportunity to meet with people who are at the first step of your offer ladder. Chances are, what you’re teaching at this stage will help them move on to the next stage. 

Once done with the call or class, I’d present the next step. 

For example: If I teach people how to write, design and publish their eBooks for Profit, my Live class could be: 

“How to Write Your eBook Like a Pro” – Live class for $47 

And the next step could be: “How to Make $10,000 in 30 Days Selling Your eBook” – Coaching for $750 

7. Send Emails to Sell the Replay

Now my initial Live class can become a new Digital product I can sell.

I can package up the replay as a New Workshop to continue to serve my audience. This in itself becomes a Sales Funnel for my business.

Even better, I can create a Free Lead magnet Funnel and add this Workshop as a Tripwire. I can then use my Leadmagnet Funnel to grow my email list and have the class selling on autopilot in the funnel.

This is a very simple system I have used over and over again. If you ever wanted a quick cash injection in your business, try this and let me know in the comments how it helped you!


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