This blog is dedicated to helping Creators like you monetize your knowledge with digital products. But most creators who use Instagram do not maximize its potential.

Instagram has 500 Million users daily.

Including your clients and all the people who need your services and your digital products.

But most people don’t know how to sell on Instagram.

If you use it correctly, Instagram can continue to drive quality leads and clients to your business every day.

In this article, I’ll share some of the little unknown ways to drive quality leads and turn followers into buyers on Instagram.

But before we dive in, here are a few common questions I get all the time on How to Make Money on Instagram.

How to Sell on Instagram without a Website

How Many Followers Do You Need to Make Money on Instagram?

Don’t underestimate the power of Instagram for making money.

You only need enough people engaging with your content to push your posts into the Instagram feeds. Instagram does not judge the quality of your content based on how many followers you have but on the ratio of your engagement.

This is why it doesn’t matter if you have 500 or 5000 followers, if you post great, shareable content, you have the potential to make money using the methods outlined in this post.

It will help you a lot if you have more followers of course, but don’t wait until you have 5000 followers on Instagram before you start monetizing.

What is the Easiest Way to Sell on Instagram

I have been selling on Instagram consistently for 3 years now and I have made more money by selling in the DMs than any other way.

The easiest way to sell on Instagram is through your DMs, but so many people do not utilize this powerful feature enough.

Because Instagram wants to keep people on the platform, it is important that you sell to people where they already are.

So how do you sell in Instagram DMs?

First, we must ensure we are getting enough people to send us DMs.

You want to spend time chatting with only the best potential clients and not just everyone.

Your content in Stories, on your Feed, and on your Livestream should be targeted to send people into your DMs.

And then from your DMs, you can chat them into the sale directly or on a phone call.

Why Am I Not Getting Clients on Instagram?

If you have been posting content consistently on Instagram for a while now but still not getting clients, it may be because your strategy is broken.

Many creators simply post ‘good’ content and hope that because their content is good, they should be getting clients. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

You must understand that Instagram is a social platform before it is a platform you can leverage for business.

Yes, you can monetize on Instagram and quickly get clients on Instagram, but you must have a plan to turn followers into buyers on Instagram.

You will learn very simple-to-follow tricks in this article and I cannot wait for you to jump in.

Here Are 7 Smart Ways to Sell on Instagram Without Selling Your Soul

First, when it comes to getting clients on Social media, you want to automate your entire sales process with a Funnel.

What you want is a freedom-based business, not a business that sucks up your soul. 

You also want the process of getting clients to not involve you at all. This way, as your content gets traction, you can turn followers into clients on autopilot.

This is where your automated Lead-gen funnel comes in place.

All these tips are assuming you already have a lead-gen funnel in place. So all you do is focus on Content.

Everything you are doing on Instagram to try to get clients is to fill up your funnel with leads.

On Instagram here are 7 smart and easy ways to get people into your funnel.

Instagram Story polls

One of the most strategic ways to get clients on Instagram is through your stories.

People are more likely to respond to story polls and respond to stories than they are to click the link in your Stories. 

Instagram has done an excellent job of ensuring people log on to Instagram and never want to leave.

So no, even though Instagram has a fancy Links sticker, people will not click your link in stories.

Do this instead:

  • Using the Polls / Question Sticker, Ask 2-5 questions that qualify a prospect. Make sure to ask simple questions.
  • Message everyone who answers Yes.

There is no friction here as people are more likely to answer questions. Plus, you are able to get qualified leads from this knowing that people are usually sincere with their answers.

Instagram Story Replies

People are more likely to reply to your story (it’s easy) than to click your link to leave Instagram.

Use story replies to share your High-value lead magnet

Automate story replies and keywords with Manychat so you don’t have to do this yourself.

  • E.g Do you want access to my ‘high-value lead magnet name’ – Type FREEBIE and I’ll send it to you

You will be shocked at how many replies you get.

But the key here is to ensure you are not responding to everyone who sends you the Keyword.

Make sure to automate your DMs with a tool like Manychat.

Your DM bot will then respond to everyone and give them the link. Let your Funnel do the rest.

Sponsored/Guest post

You can leverage the audiences of similar accounts in your niche. But you must have a clear, working strategy if you go this route. The best way to get leads from a sponsored or guest post is to offer something valuable to the new audience. 

Post a piece of content on another person’s account. Then make an invitation to DM you a Keyword for your high-value free offer. 

  • E.g – DM me Keyword “MAGNET” and I’ll send you my Magnetic Attraction Guide. 

This way you have a special keyword for your guest posts and you have clear data on how it converts.

Comments in post

First, ensure your content is high quality and targeted to your ideal client.

Then In the first 5 lines of your caption, ask people to leave a comment with a Keyword to receive your lead magnet.

People are likelier to drop a comment than to click the link in your bio. Your DM automation will do the rest.

DM Keyword

This is one of my favorite ways to get clients on Instagram. like the previous point, instead of asking people to leave a comment, ask them to DM you.

Making people take that extra step to go into your DM to message you is a qualifier in itself.

You are waking them up from their

Link in bio

Believe it or not, people do not like to leave Instagram.

Asking people to click the link in your bio is a great way to lose 50% of all your potential leads and clients. No matter how much someone needs your solution, they still won’t click the link.

Instagram puts people in a zombified state that creates friction and resistance. 

People just want to keep on scrolling.

Even when you ask people to click the link in your bio to get something for free, there is still resistance. 

Notice how highly targeted the link is in relation to the call-to-action

While you still want to leverage the power of the link in your bio, you want to ensure that the link will convert. 

  • Make the link in your bio a lead-gen funnel. 
  • Have fewer links in your bio
  • Customize the link for readability
  • Use your own domain instead of Linktree 
  • Always make a Call to action to the link in the bio

Instagram LIVE + Keyword

Instagram Livestreams is one of the most underutilized channels for conversion.

If you are serious about getting clients and sales on Instagram, add Livestreams to your strategy.

Again, you must be ready for your conversion process. The best call-to-action on a Livestream depending on your strategy is:

  • Click the link in the bio (Make sure there is a deadline for this offer, or it expires after the Livestream else they won’t take action)
  • DM me “Keyword” ( Make sure there is a limit on the offer)

Your landing pages and funnels must be ready to receive the traffic you are sending from Instagram.

This is the key to making any of this work.

This way you can focus on your content process and let your funnel do the rest.

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