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I went from broke to millions of Naira in my bank in less than a year thanks to digital products. Now I am on a mission to help one million creators turn what they know into income online. I am also the Co-Founder of Kobocourse.com /the Only Course hosting Platform for African Creators .

  • Webinars, Workshops, Masterclass – What is the Difference and Which is Best?

    Although the terms Webinar, Workshop and Materclasses have become seemingly interchangeable on the Internet, they are not quite the same things.

    In this quick 3mins guide, you will not only learn what the differences are, you’ll also be able to make a decision on which one is right for your business right now. 

    This way you can focus on what will work for you instead of trying to do all the things and getting overwhelmed and even more confused. 

    Now, chances are, you have come across one or all of these terms on the Internet before.

    Webinars, Workshops and Masterclasses are all used to describe Web based events or online trainings. 

    Ideally you only need to focus on only one of these. 

    However, it is possible to combine two or even all three in your business to create diverse and wholesome experiences for your audience.

    If you have not hosted a Live Webinar yourself, you have probably attended one. 

    And if you are a Creator, a Coach, or Business owner, at some point you will have to host a Live event to connect with your audience and potentially increase sales.  

    So how should you package your online training and what do you call it? 

    Should you tell your audience you are hosting a Webinar? 

    What if what you really want to do is host a paid Workshop so you can make some money quickly in your business?

    Let’s take a look at these three models so you can finally choose which one is right for you.

    What is the difference between Webinars, Workshops and Masterclasses?

    First, Webinars.

    What is A Webinar and How Does it Work??

    A Webinar in simple terms is an online event, Seminar or presentation that is streamed Live or pre-recorded. It is aimed specifically to sell a product or offer. The primary goal of a Webinar is to sell. 

    A Webinar is not a Workshop.

    It is a Sales machine. If the Webinar makes no sales, it has failed in its mission. 

    Internet Marketers and Business owners understand the power of Webinars for selling any type of product. This is why Webinars have become all the rave for selling shit online. 

    If you sell anything and can create a damn good presentation backed up by a fire sales-pitch, a Webinar can quickly become a powerful marketing tool for you. 

    Really great Webinars are great because the host is able to make a pitch feel like it is much needed education for the viewers. Rather than merely selling, great Webinars have the added benefit of making you feel like you now know more about the problem than before you entered the room.

    What Exactly is an Online Workshop?

    A Workshop on the other hand is not created for the purpose of merely selling.

    The main purpose of a Workshop is to help the attendee solve a problem immediately. 

    It is created in such a way that it helps the viewer get to work now. 

    Hence the term –Workshop. 

    With a Workshop, you pick a specific problem your ideal audience has and you promise to solve that one tiny problem for them.

    Or in the very least, arm them with the right tools and resources to help them solve that particular problem. 

    A Workshop is results driven and for this reason they are mostly paid for. 

    So what you have are students, who sign up to learn something from you, not just get sold to.

    This type of class is hands-on, meaning the students have real access to you and you are working with them to solve their problem hands-on.

    The main promise of a Workshop is –”This is the problem you currently have, let me show you exactly how to fix it now.”

    When done right, a Workshop will help you earn consistent income in your business.

    A Workshop can last anywhere from 90minutes to 5 hours and sometimes, the host can decide to split the Workshop across several days depending on how intensive the material is. 

    If you are the kind of person who genuinely loves to teach and help people get results, you should be hosting workshops and getting paid for your knowledge.

    You might want to Learn How to Create and Sell Workshops and start building your own workshop funnels for more Income in your Business.


    A Masterclass quite simply, is a Class presented by a proven expert in a specific core topic. It can be a Live or pre-recorded presentation in which the Host /Teacher focuses on giving the most comprehensive breakdown, analysis and information on one specific topic in their field of expertise.

    The core promise of a Masterclass is : “I am an expert in this field, I am the Master, and by the time you are done with this class you will know the most important things about this topic.”

    Now, it is not uncommon to see online coaches host Webinars and call them Masterclasses.

    Often times, they have created their Webinars in a way that it combines the benefits of teaching a topic plus selling their products. 

    Also, the term Webinars seems overused today and marked with the dreadful stain of ‘sleazy marketing’. So it is not hard to see why some coaches would prefect to call their Webinar a Masterclass, to avoid looking like they are purely marketing. 

    A Masterclass does not have to be held Live and can last anywhere from 25mins to 2 Hours depending on the scope of the material.

    They can be Paid or Free.

    Webinars, Workshops or Masterclasses? Which is right for you?

    Now that you know the major differences between Webinars, Workshops and Masterclasses, what online training model is the best fit for your business and what you are currently doing?

    The easiest way to choose is to ask yourself: What is my true intention here?

    What business goal am I trying to achieve by choosing a specific type of training to offer. 

    With your business goal at the center of the decision making process, here’s how I’ll advice you to look at this.


    Generate Leads, increase Visibility and make More sales in your Business

    Webinars are the way to go. Oftentimes, this will be a Free-to-attend Webinar and for this reason alone, you will be able to capture the attention of the right person who is perfect fit for your business or service. You can get new Leads into your marketing funnel quickly by hosting free webinars so without a doubt, it is a right fit for most people.


    Serve your Audience with Value and Help the solve a specific problem quickly, plus potentially bring in quick Income for yourself:

    Workshops are the way to go. Because a Workshop is aimed at giving people something they can work with immediately, you can serve your audience at scale with workshops. 

    What makes Workshops so attractive is the fact that people need people. More and more now, more people are needing accountability and hand-holding to reach their goals. If you have ideas and experience in a specific field and can show people how to do what you do, Workshops will be perfect for you. 

    The best part is your students pay to access this class. You not only make money guaranteed, you are also getting the best quality leads for your business. 

    What’s even better is, once the online Workshop is done, it can then become a profitable digital product that can be accessed anytime and sold again and again, until the information becomes obsolete.


    Stamp your place as Expert in your field, Cover a specific topic better than anyone else and create a whole resource for your audience:

    Masterclasses are the way to go.

    While a Masterclass might sound almost like a Workshop, the main difference is the students do not necessarily have interractive access to the Expert or Coach.

    Also, they may get a lot of information on the topic but may not get the accountability required to push themselves to the next step so they can get actual results.

    This is why Masterclasses also work like Webinars for selling because often times, the Expert will invite you to get that priced access to them in the next level up. 

    Just like paid online Workshops, Masterclasses can also be paid for and if they are free, then they are usually condensed versions of the main thing and potential sales tool, just like a Webinar.

    It is important to understand that the presentation styles of each of these types of online trainings are completely different. As a host, you must know how to show up in a Masterclass and how that is different when you show up for a Webinar that is intended to sell products.

    While a Workshop will showcase your expertise and teaching style, a Webinar will test your ability to make people feel like they have received so much information from you but not really get the meat of the matter.

    If you need a way to earn some income now by teaching what you know and potentially automate the process so you can continue to earn passive income for your online trainings, then you might want to consider hosting paid Workshops. 

    Would you like to learn how to create, sell and automate your very own profitable Workshops for more passive income in your business? 

    This intensive 90 Minutes class has everything you need.

    Remember, you do not need to sell your Workshop one-time.

    The power of Online Workshops once backed by a powerful sales funnel, is you now have a digital product and a system in place to earn money online while you sleep. 

    Sign up for THE WINNING WORKSHOP Class and learn how to create simple workshop funnels to earn more passive income in your business.

    Which of these models have you considered creating and which do you prefer?

    Leave your thoughts in the comments below to help others as well.


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    How much should I price my coaching?

    How much should I price my online course or eBook?

    So many people are daunted by having to set a price on their intellectual property.

    I understand, cause I have been there.
    It can be very frustrating especially in the beginning, but the more products you sell and the more you create over time, you’ll finally get a feel for your own value as a creator and you will begin to get a hang of pricing.

    But to begin, I offer you a few simple strategies to setting your price that will get you off to a great start!

    Listen to this episode now for my best tiny tips on pricing your digital products and offers.

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  • How to Monetize Instagram with 1000 Followers

    Can you make money on Instagram with just 1000 followers or less?

    The honest, short answer is Yes! But there is a method to the madness of making money on Instagram and this is what I break down, step by step in this new episode of the Knowledge into Income Podcast


    When I started my brand new Instagram page in 2020, I knew I was going to monetize Instagram with digital products. So the very first thing I did was create a lead magnet funnel to attract potential customers. I did this even before I knew what I was going to sell or what products I’d eventually create.

    I went head-on first on growing my email list because this is the very first step to converting followers into buyers online.

    It is important to keep in mind that Instagram is still a Social media platform before it is a tool that can be leveraged for business. With this in mind you understand that your efforts must first begin as social networking, growing a fanbase, getting people to consume your content and buy into your ideas and values.

    To make money on Instagram by going in first to sell will be very futile and ultimate detrimental to your business /personal brand.

    Listen to this episode now to learn my exact strategy for turning a small Instagram page into a money making page for you!

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  • How to make Money Online with no Money

    Making money online is simple. You just have to get creative.

    I speak with hundreds of content creators and online coaches monthly and every time we talk about the money making process, there’s often always someone who complains about not having capital to start.


    I do not believe you need any money to start making money online.

    You need to get creative instead and figure out what people need help with so you can provide a solution you can get paid for. The only thing bridging you between delivering the service and getting paid is a great idea and a good software or app to help you deliver your ideas.

    That’s why, a little over a year ago when my brother and I first sat down to build out the concept for Kobocourse.com, our initial reason was to create a simple to use course hosting platform that helped African creators earn money online with ease.

    At the time, I was simply frustrated because all other course hosting platforms simply could not work for me, being African, living in Africa and having no access to Paypal or Stripe to receive my payments.

    This one issue has been the pain and frustration for most content creators from Africa and I was determined to put an end to it. So we built Kobocourse.com

    At first, this little experiment was to enable Africans host and sell their own online courses but now, it has evolved and grown beyond that. Right now, I use Kobocourse for everything in my online business and have no need for any other platform.

    Here are 6 Creative ways to make money online with no money, using Kobocourse as your main platform

    1. Make money online with Coaching

    There are people all over the world who need your help and are happy to pay you to coach them. The question for you is, ‘What do you know right now that you are so proficient at and can teach someone else?’

    When I started making money online, my first offer was a 1 hour coaching call to help my followers audit and optimize their Instagram profiles. Silly right? But it worked because I knew how to grow an Instagram page fast and I had proven that I had this knowledge.

    In the very beginning, coaching was the easiest way to earn money and I was doing this successfully with less than 3,000 followers.

    To make this work for you, you simply need to find out exactly what your followers need help with and create a coaching gig from your Kobocourse dashboard.

    Next, start posting about your offer in your stories, your content on social media, in your emails and even talking about it when you go Live.

    Remember, you don’t sell the offer, you sell the benefits and results your offer will give to people.

    Elohor E. Alordiah

    2. Sell Tickets to Webinars, Whatsapp classes, Masterclasses and Live Events

    One of my favorite ways to earn money online anytime, is to host Live classes and webinars.

    These live webinars and masterclasses can be free or paid classes, but if you want to make money, then you have to put a price on it.

    You are going to need a Virtual Ticket that your followers can buy to get access to your class/ event and Kobocourse makes it very easy to do just that in under 5 minutes.

    If you do not teach, then you can think of creative ways to host a Live event that your audience may be interested in, mouse over to your dashboard in Kobocourse and select TICKETS to create a virtual ticket you can sell.

    3. Make money online with video courses on Kobocourse

    Creating a video course is possibly one of the best ways we will be making money online in the future.

    You only need a video editing app on your phone or computer, the camera on your phone, a great idea to make a video course about and a course hosting platform to keep your video files secure and your students organized.

    WATCH: How to Create an Online Course that Sells

    Some online video courses do not even require you to show your face, so if you are the shy type, simple screen recordings to demonstrate your points, record your slides and deliver a presentation are also great ways to put a comprehensive video course together.

    When I started my online business as a content creator, I knew I was going to eventually earn money by teaching what I know, but I also needed an online course hosting platform that helped me do everything in one place.

    Kobocourse is the easiest and most affordable course hosting platform today and I use it for everything.

    4. Make money online with Membership sites and closed Communities

    A membership site is a closed community that keeps all your resources and coaching files behind a monthly / quarterly / yearly paywall.

    Think of the Netflix model. You don’t pay for every single movie you watch on Netflix, instead Netflix charges you a tiny monthly fee and you have instant access to all the movies.

    Membership sites are exactly the same.

    Imagine getting paid monthly, every single month from your members and all you have to do is create an offer with your Membership site that is hard to refuse.

    The question for you then would be, ‘What should I offer in a Membership site?’

    This will depend largely on your audience and their needs. The most successful membership sites are very specific in what they offer and the end result they are giving to their subscribers.

    My first membership site on Kobocourse was dedicated to helping women grow and audience on Instagram and begin monetizing with digital products. Now I have a new Membership that is strictly helping people write, create and sell their ebooks.

    Creating your own subscription based membership site on Kobocourse is easy but you must be also be able to retain your subscribers by providing and offering value in your membership content. People are not going to want to pay you monthly if your content is bad.

    5. Make money online with Affiliate Marketing on Kobocourse

    One of the simplest money making models online that is as old as the internet itself, is affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer for trusted brands and products, you earn a tiny commission on every sale that is made through your unique link.

    The good news is, you can become an affiliate marketer for as many products or brands as you can manage.

    What is even more cool is all you have to do, is link to the products you swear by and drive traffic to that link.

    As a Kobocourse affiliate, when you tell your audience, content creators, coaches, entrepreneurs, about Kobocourse and they sign up as premium members, you earn a whooping 50%!

    Imagine getting 10 people to sign up to use Kobocourse to sell their own online courses weekly.

    Chances are you already have an audience or followers who need a platform for their coaching business so what are you waiting for?

    Sign up now to claim your free account on Kobocourse, grab your affiliate link from your dashboard and begin to spread your links! The easiest way to earn money as an affiliate for any product is to provide valuable content around the benefits of that product so you can link to it.

    6. Make money online selling eBooks

    eBooks will probably always be one of the products I sell in my business. People love to download them, and many more love to pay the tiny fee to get them.

    If you do not know how to create and sell eBooks, it will do you great help to learn now because these tiny little money makers are not going anywhere as long as the world is digital.

    My fastest selling product on Kobocourse right now is this $5 eBook that details 17 Lessons on Monetizing Instagram with digital products. It is a simple, yet specific eBook that helps people who want to start selling digital products to avoid the mistakes I made when I started my online business.

    WATCH: 5 Powerful Writing tips to help you Write your eBooks faster!

    Your eBook can be on just about anything and as long as people need the information you are sharing, you are positioned to earn money.

    Don’t wait. Start Monetizing and making Money online now!

    If you already know something useful that others do not know, you can earn money online teaching what you know. This is what I live by because this simple belief was what helped me pick myself up when I was broke and depressed about my life.

    I just knew it in my heart that if people were already asking me for my help with one thing or the other, then I was destined to earn money by offering my services and sharing my knowledge.

    There is no waiting either. This is nothing to keel over and waste time on. If you have an idea, you must allow yourself to get to work now.

    Which of these methods of making money without money are you going to experiment with?

    Share with me in the comments and let me know how this post has helped you!