Eva E. Alordiah

I went from broke to millions of Naira in my bank in less than a year thanks to digital products. Now I am on a mission to help one million creators turn what they know into income online. I am also the Co-Founder of Kobocourse.com /the Only Course hosting Platform for African Creators .

  • How to Sell a Digital Course Profitably in 2023 – Course Sales Blueprint

    If you want to sell a digital course in 2023, pay attention.

    I have been creating and selling digital courses for 3 years now.

    Heck, I even had to build my own Course hosting software for African creators → Kobocourse.com

    I have seen course creators come and go. I have seen hundreds and hundreds of courses with little or no sales.

    And it worries me.

    It worries me because creating and selling profitable digital courses will be one of the best income generators in the coming years. Yet so many creators are not equipped with the right selling skills.

    Here are 5 Mistakes that drastically reduce course sales:

    • – Poor relationship with the audience
    • – Lack of a Pre-launch strategy
    • – Unvalidated Course ideas
    • – Poor Course Titles
    • – No warm leads

    Let’s fix that!

    Most course creators give up before they ever earn $1000 online.

    My very first digital course was a total flop. I sold only 2 students on a course I had spent several weeks creating. I have since learned from my mistakes and put hours into mastering how to sell digital courses.

    When you invest hundreds of hours creating a digital product nobody buys, you face:

    • – self-doubt
    • – self-ridicule
    • – a sense of worthlessness
    • – giving up on your dreams
    • – $0 earned for all of your hard work.

    Not. Good. At. All.

    But the good news is, it can be fixed!

    Here’s what you must do to make sure you create a digital course that sells.

    Sell Your Digital Course Before you Create it

    If nobody will pay for your course before it exists, chances are they won’t pay for it when it does.

    Your course is the productized version of your system or formula. It exists in your head before it exists as a digital product. 

    The easiest way to know if your course idea will sell is to sell it as an idea first. 

    This could look like this:

    • – 1:1 Coaching
    • – A paid live class
    • – A paid consultation

    The idea is to get paid for the idea first. Once proven, productive.

    I walk you through this exact pre-selling strategy in Selling the Invincible

    Focus on Growing a Waitlist for your Course, not just Followers

    Most creators fail to understand that followers do not equal buyers. If you want buyers, you need to capture, nurture and convert leads. 

    Do not try to sell your Course to just your Followers.

    This is where most creators get it wrong. Your followers follow you because they enjoy your free content. You need to separate the people who want free, from those who are ready to pay. 

    This is where your Waitlist / Leadmagnet comes in.

    A Waitlist is a specific group of people who are interested in the particular course you are offering.

    A Lead magnet list is a group of people who have opted in to receive related content. You can use both. 

    But let’s focus on a ‘specific’ Waitlist.

    Having a Waitlist for your Course helps you target the exact people you need. 

    Here’s how to build a targeted, high-converting Waitlist

    • – Create targeted content daily
    • – Make a CTA to Join your Waitlist
    • – Offer an incentive to Join (e.g get 50% off when the course launches)
    • – Make your Waitlist the priority
    • – Ensure the Waitlist has a nurture email sequence
    • – Spread your nurture emails over the period till your launch
    • – Launch to your Waitlist first (make them feel special)

    It doesn’t matter whether I’m trying to sell an eBook, host a paid class or sell a coaching offer, I always launch to a Waitlist.

    This ensures you have a hot list of buyers just waiting to pay you when your course is ready.

    Know Your Numbers. Walk Backward from the Goal

    If you intend to earn $5,000 by selling your digital course. 

    How many people would need to buy your course and at what price?

    If you price at $100, you’d need $100 x 50pple = $5000

    Knowing your numbers is crucial. Now you have something to work with.

    Let’s assume you’ll convert at 5%. 

    This means you’d need 1000 people who are the ideal /potential buyers for your course. How would you generate enough traffic and eyeballs to get 1000 targeted people?

    Also, how long would it take?

    Ideally, you want to plan to have 1000 contacts before your course launches.

    know your numbers

    Have a Clear, Optimized Traffic plan

    To sell your course, you need people. Would you get these people via paid Ads or Organic content marketing?

    If you said Content marketing, then you need a very clear, detailed content plan.

    Plan 30-60 Days of content leading up to the course launch. Here are the main questions you must answer when planning your course launch content:

    • – What social platforms would you create content on?
    • – Where is your ideal audience hanging out online?
    • – What topics would you focus on (must be related to your course)
    • – How long would you create content to ramp up awareness?
    • – How would you move contacts from social to your Email list?

    Share the Journey of Creating your course

    People buy into your story, your journey, and your methods.

    They want to know what you are doing and how you are doing it. This is the basic human desire to be nosy. You should tap into that.

    Do not be like the course creators who lock themselves up for weeks, creating their courses in isolation. Your course creation process itself is content.

    Instead of “creating” new content to promote your course, document the process of creating your course and share stories of why you’re making this course. 

    That’s usually the content you need to eventually market the course.

    Craft Compelling, Irresistible Course Titles and Introductions

    Your course title can make or break course sales. A compelling title/Introduction can be the difference between a course that sells and one that flops.

    This would usually be on your Course Sales page, Landing page, or Flyers.

    Here are 5 Elements of a Compelling Course Title + Introduction:

    • – The pain the course solves
    • – The Future-paced benefit the student will gain
    • – The hard things they would avoid by taking the course
    • – Social Proof that this course will work
    • – Time-frame for achieving the said result

    You can easily use a Course Title Generator like this one to create endless course ideas.

    Launch your Course to a Live Audience

    One of the best ways to launch a course is to launch it Live. This would give you the chance to speak to a group of people and show:

    • Problems your course is solving
    • The benefits of solving said problems
    • Who your course is for and who it isn’t for
    • Why do they need to take advantage now
    • The cons of not solving these problems
    • Answer questions and learn objections

    You can Launch your course Live using a:

    • – Webinar
    • – IG Livestream
    • – Telegram Live
    • – Twitter Spaces
    • – Paid workshop

    Power a Live-launch with an already-warmed Waitlist and you have the recipe for a sold-out Course launch!

    Sell Your Course in A Sales Funnel

    A Sales funnel will help you sell your course on autopilot even when you’re not online. Funnels do not have to be complicated either. 

    • – Map out your buyer journey
    • – Identify how people will find /hear about you
    • – What happens when they find you
    • – How would you introduce them to your course?
    • – What steps would they take to purchase your course

    This sales funnel could look like:

    The reader sees your Content → Likes your content → Opts in to get your Leadmagnet → Gets an exclusive deal to buy your course → Buys your course

    There are so many versions of Sales Funnels but you only need ONE SIMPLE FUNNEL.

    Here’s a Free Sales Funnel Blueprint detailing the 3 BEST Sales Funnels for Course creators.

    To sum this up, your entire Course launch and sales begin long before you finish making your course.

    You want to:

    • – Get leads
    • – Ramp up awareness
    • – Grow a warm audience
    • – Start earning money for your ideas
    • – Sell your course before it is ready

    Follow this complete roadmap and you cannot fail to have a profitable course launch!

    When you are ready, here are 3 Ways I can help you now:

    Selling the Invincible A Simple system to Monetize your Knowledge and Go From 0 – $1000 Fast

    Work with me 1:1 to build your Profitable Course Launch Strategy + Sales Funnel Book a Call here

    Learn how to attract your target audience and grow an Email List of Buyers Watch the Masterclass


  • How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile to Convert 10x + Instagram Bio Ideas

    If you use it correctly, Instagram is one of the most powerful tools to grow your business

    But the truth is, 99% of Creators and Artists have poor profiles that do not convert

    Here are 7 Killer Ways to optimize your Instagram for more followers and more sales.

    (#5 should be implemented immediately)

    Understand that your Instagram page is a Landing page.

    The question for you is, what do people see when they land on your profile for the first time?

    • Your Handle
    • Your Name /title
    • Your Bio/ Description
    • Your Feed / Content

    Specifically, when people look at your profile, they want to know 3 things

    What does this person do?

    How exactly can they help me? 

    What makes them so special?

    Do I want to see more of their content?

    Your job is to ensure each question is immediately answered when they land on your page. More importantly, you want them to make the choice of following you.

    Let’s optimize your Instagram page for conversion and more Followers

    Optimize Your Instagram Handle

    You want your Instagram handle to be 

    * Specific

    * Memorable

    * Easy to read

    Your handle can be your personal name, business name, nickname, moniker, or whatever you decide. It can also be niche based, i.e @EvaFitness @CookingWithEva 

    As much as possible avoid too many numbers and underscores, i.e @Eva_Fitness is better than @Eva_Fitness_00886 

    Audit Your Instagram Name / Title

    Your Instagram title gives you an opportunity to step it up a notch. Most people do not know the value of an optimized Name. When done right, people who need your services can find you on Instagram simply by SEARCH. 

    To optimize your name for search, make sure it is exactly what people know you by. If you use Instagram for business, think of the other ways people will search to find you.

    What keywords would they use?

    What keywords do you want to be known for?

    Ensure to include these in your Title.

    Optimize Your Instagram Bio /Description

    Your bio needs to tell us quickly why we should care about you at all. You have very limited characters to play with and it’s important to go straight to the point.

    Your bio should tell us: 

    – Who you are

    – What you do (offer /transformation / your WHY)

    – Who you do it for (ideal audience)

    – Why we should care (results)

    – What we need to do now (CTA)

    You also want to write out your bio in a way that is easy on the eyes. 

    Few words per line, one line per statement, or a single easy-to-read sentence.

    E.g Certified Nutrition expert helping new mothers lose post-partum belly with healthy recipes 


    Certified Nutrition expert 

    Helping new moms lose post-partum belly fat without spending hours in the gym

    DM me “GUIDE” to grab my Free fat-blasting grocery list

    Here’s my bio for reference

    Optimize Your Instagram Feed / Content

    I know you’ve probably changed and updated your bio 100 times in the last few days. While your bio is important, it is the content on your feed that encourages people to follow you or take action with you.

    A great rule of thumb is to ensure your content looks like what you say you are in your bio. 

    Read your bio again. If your content isn’t reflecting what you have said in your bio, then you’re sure to turn people off.

    Instagram is a visual platform.

    While it may be true that a ‘cohesive’ or well-designed feed does not matter, in reality, it does. 

    You want your feed to pull the eye in. You want to make it easy for people to immediately gloss over your feed and know what you are about. 

    • Make your post Titles stand out
    • Create content that reflects your bio description
    • Have a clear branding style (simple colors, fonts, styling)
    • Post high-quality images
    • Leverage whitespace in your content

    Most people will make a decision to follow you simply based on your feed and layout. Create a lasting first impression.

    Include a Simple, Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

    If you never tell people what to do, they do nothing.

    On social media, people have to be directed to the next step and the next else, they’ll lose their attention to the next creator. In your bio, ensure you have a very simple CTA that calls to your ideal audience.

    What do you want them to do?

    You can ask them to DM you, Click your Link, or even follow you. 

    Make it Easy for people to contact you

    Instagram gives you several options to connect with your audience. They can Book with you, Connect to your Whatsapp, Send you an Email, or DM you, all from your profile. 

    Set up your Contact options and include your email contact address and number where possible. Ensure you set this to be visible on your profile. 

    Most people who are serious about working with you will send you an email if it is visible on your profile. 

    Optimize Your Link in Bio as a Sales Funnel

    By far the most powerful tool Instagram gives you on your profile is that one link in the bio.

    Many people overlook the power of a single link. They either stuff it with an unlimited number of options for the user, or they never direct the user right where they need to go.

    When optimized as a Sales Funnel, one link in the bio can be supercharged to run multiple Sales tasks in your business.

    Here are two main ways to use the link in the bio as a Sales Funnel:

    1. Link to Multiple links that are Funnels
    2. Link to a Single link that is a Funnel

    Because Instagram is a powerful driver for generating leads online, I like to include several Lead generation funnels. Here’s a complete Strategy class teaching you how to build your Funnel

    Use Your Highlights as Menu Buttons

    Think of your Highlights as Menus. The purpose of your Highlights is to showcase important aspects of your brand or work. Imagine that Instagram is a website, a landing page, or a homepage. 

    Your Highlights as menus would be -e.g

    About Me, Contact Me, Testimonials, Clients, Free Stuff, Podcast, Newsletter, Youtube

    Whatever you intend to draw attention to, save it as a Highlight.

    Imagine your Instagram Highlights as Menu Icons on a Website

    The content of your Highlights should be very specific and laid out in an organized manner. Again, think of this as a Menu item. 

    That’s it! With all of this setup and in order, you now have an Instagram page that converts and works for you. 


    When you’re ready, here are Powerful resources to help you Win on Instagram

    Steal My Exact Lead Generation Funnel Strategy Watch the Masterclass

    Instagram DM Sales Mastery: How to Sell in the DMs Masterclass – CLICK HERE

    The Ultimate Instagram Monetization Bundle – A Bundle of 9 Core Classes to Help you Monetize Instagram with Digital Products – CLICK HERE

    Work with me 1:1 to Build out your Sales Funnels and Automation- CLICK HERE


  • How to Monetize Your Knowledge in 6 Ridiculously Simple Steps – Steal My Blueprint

    If you want to learn how to monetize your knowledge, steal my step-by-step formula below.

    I monetized my Instagram by selling digital products.

    Before that, I was broke and depressed, and fed up with my life. 

    My unhappiness at the time was also compounded by the fact that I knew I was good for it. I knew I was gifted, I knew I had the brains and potential, I just didn’t know how to turn all this into money. 

    Is that you?

    Do you feel like you are so good at a certain skill that you wish others will pay you for?

    Have you imagined the possibility of teaching others your information and getting paid for it?

    We live in the most exciting time of our lives and the opportunities to earn are endless. Selling digital products online was the key to unlocking the one thing that change my life.

    And that is, if you know something that others want to know, you can earn money teaching what you know.

    Today, I want you to steal my blueprint.

    I wish someone shared all of this when I began, it would have saved me hours and months of trial and error.

    STEP 1: Uncover Your Gift, Chase Your Curiosity

    The very first step is finding out what you already naturally love and aspire towards. You don’t want to become somebody else. One of my fav quotes by Alan Watts says “Find a way to get paid for playing.”

    Think about the freedom in that.

    Imagine doing what you already enjoy and getting people to pay you to keep on enjoying and having fun. This is the future of work. This is the present reality of making money and how it should be.

    You do not have to slave away at a nine-to-five that you detest. You do not have to exchange your valuable time and hours for peanuts. 

    So my question to you is what do you currently enjoy doing? Best believe, there are millions of people just like you who enjoy what you enjoy.

    When I started creating content online, my curiosity was content.

    Specifically how to create content and grow communities on Instagram. I started a new Instagram page to teach others how to create content and grow on Instagram.

    That single curiosity has led me to other curiosities and now I have added a fleet of high-value skills to my arsenal, one of them being an expert Sales Funnel Builder. 

    So what’s your present-day curiosity?

    Don’t wait to know more than you know now. Start with what you know and love now.

    STEP 2: Share Your Knowledge, Grow Your Audience

    Now that you’ve uncovered what you are wildly curious about, the next step is to share your knowledge about this subject.

    Yes, we have Google to answer our questions but we are still humans and humans are still social animals.

    Social media thrives because of our inherent nature to be social and connect. 

    People can find the answers from Google if they want, but they also love to follow someone.

    We all need someone to show us the way.

    Sharing your knowledge through content online will immediately position you as a leader in that space and you can begin to grow your tribe. 

    Seth Godin says we are all leaders in today’s digital world.

    The minute you start sharing your thoughts and ideas on the internet, you slowly start carving out your own little country of people who look to you to guide them and support them. 

    You don’t need to be an expert either. You just need to be one step ahead of us and lead us through what you have done to get to where you are now.

    The good part is the more you share and teach the stuff you already know, the better you know and the more your audience grows. It’s a win-win however you look at it.

    Choose any two platforms and start spreading your message!

    STEP 3: Invite Your Audience, Grow Your Community

    Now you have a nice little group of people following you on your platform.

    You are creating content consistently just sharing your ideas, knowledge, and opinions on your topic of choice. More people are beginning to listen to you. They are leaving questions in your comments and DMs, they have begun to ask you for more. 

    Your following on social media is growing and you are having fun with it. This step is very crucial. You have to begin to invite your audience into your private communities. 

    This means asking them to join your email list, your Whatsapp groups, Telegram channels, Discord, or wherever else you want to serve your audience privately. 

    Think of it this way, social media gives you the platform to reach a lot of people. When this people notice you, you have to take them off social media and grow your platforms.

    This is yours, no one can take it away from you. 

    You want to continue to use your content to generate leads for your business. Let’s get to the business.

    STEP 4:  Ask Your Audience, Give them What They Want

    Business is really simple. Find a problem in a hungry market, provide the solution and ask to get paid. 

    Problem + Market + Solution = Money

    You already have a passion and acquired knowledge in a specific market, but people do not necessarily just throw money at what you know. They throw money at the solutions your knowledge can provide for them.

    Now you have an audience listening to you and engaging with your content. You want to start paying attention to the questions they are asking and the content they are interacting with the most. 

    You also want to consistently ask your audience directly what they need help with so you can uncover the most profitable ideas for your offers and digital products. 

    Don’t make the mistake of assuming you know what your audience wants. This is the fastest way to create digital products and offers no one wants to buy.

    Start finding out how people need your help.

    STEP 5: Get Paid For Helping 1:1

    You make money when you ask to get paid.

    Do not let fear stop you from putting a price on your knowledge and expertise. This is where a lot of people get hung up, the money part.

    Once you are clear on what people most need help with, it doesn’t matter how basic it is, offer help and get paid. You’ll be surprised to find out that what your audience need help with are the simplest things.

    I used to make the mistake of sitting in my ego, knowing too much, and wanting to show that I knew a lot. 

    I got my audience overwhelmed and confused and it cost me money.

    No matter how far ahead you get in your journey, you must always come back to the basics and provide help where it is most needed.

    The easiest way to make money with your knowledge is to offer one-to-one support. Start with one person, then two, and grow from there. 

    Once you encounter a problem that comes up a lot for most people, then you know you have a potential winning digital product in your hands.

    STEP 6: Create a Digital Product, Get Paid While You Sleep

    I love digital products because they help you reach people at scale. There is only one of you and you can only go so far with helping people one-to-one. 

    The goal is to eventually create a digital product that many people can buy at once. 

    My first digital product was a comprehensive eBook guide teaching people how to use Hashtags to get more followers on Instagram. I only created this eBook after solving hashtag-related problems for several people. 

    Doing this one-to-one soon got increasingly frustrating because I was answering the same questions to different people. 

    So I did what any smarty pants would do and I created an eBook. That eBook earned me my first $5,000 on Instagram.

    If many people are asking you for help with the same problem, then it may be time to expand by creating a digital product to solve that problem.

    Making money with what you already know and have is as simple as following these six steps. If you already have step one which I am sure you do, all you have to do is follow through. 

    Do not get hung up on any step either. 

    Don’t wait to get to 10,000 followers before you start asking to get paid for your knowledge and support.

    You can start right now even with 200 followers.

    If people are already following you, it is a sign that they like you and want more of you. It is also proof that they need your help. 

    If you want to make money, you have to focus on generating Leads, no matter how small your audience is. I teach you the surefire way to generate high-quality leads here, using a lead generation funnel. 

    Watch the Funnel in a Day Masterclass now and start generating leads in your business all on autopilot!

    If you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment and share it! Someone you know might need to see this today.


  • How to Sell and Make Money on Instagram Without a Website

    This blog is dedicated to helping Creators like you monetize your knowledge with digital products. But most creators who use Instagram do not maximize its potential.

    Instagram has 500 Million users daily.

    Including your clients and all the people who need your services and your digital products.

    But most people don’t know how to sell on Instagram.

    If you use it correctly, Instagram can continue to drive quality leads and clients to your business every day.

    In this article, I’ll share some of the little unknown ways to drive quality leads and turn followers into buyers on Instagram.

    But before we dive in, here are a few common questions I get all the time on How to Make Money on Instagram.

    How to Sell on Instagram without a Website

    How Many Followers Do You Need to Make Money on Instagram?

    Don’t underestimate the power of Instagram for making money.

    You only need enough people engaging with your content to push your posts into the Instagram feeds. Instagram does not judge the quality of your content based on how many followers you have but on the ratio of your engagement.

    This is why it doesn’t matter if you have 500 or 5000 followers, if you post great, shareable content, you have the potential to make money using the methods outlined in this post.

    It will help you a lot if you have more followers of course, but don’t wait until you have 5000 followers on Instagram before you start monetizing.

    What is the Easiest Way to Sell on Instagram

    I have been selling on Instagram consistently for 3 years now and I have made more money by selling in the DMs than any other way.

    The easiest way to sell on Instagram is through your DMs, but so many people do not utilize this powerful feature enough.

    Because Instagram wants to keep people on the platform, it is important that you sell to people where they already are.

    So how do you sell in Instagram DMs?

    First, we must ensure we are getting enough people to send us DMs.

    You want to spend time chatting with only the best potential clients and not just everyone.

    Your content in Stories, on your Feed, and on your Livestream should be targeted to send people into your DMs.

    And then from your DMs, you can chat them into the sale directly or on a phone call.

    Why Am I Not Getting Clients on Instagram?

    If you have been posting content consistently on Instagram for a while now but still not getting clients, it may be because your strategy is broken.

    Many creators simply post ‘good’ content and hope that because their content is good, they should be getting clients. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

    You must understand that Instagram is a social platform before it is a platform you can leverage for business.

    Yes, you can monetize on Instagram and quickly get clients on Instagram, but you must have a plan to turn followers into buyers on Instagram.

    You will learn very simple-to-follow tricks in this article and I cannot wait for you to jump in.

    Here Are 7 Smart Ways to Sell on Instagram Without Selling Your Soul

    First, when it comes to getting clients on Social media, you want to automate your entire sales process with a Funnel.

    What you want is a freedom-based business, not a business that sucks up your soul. 

    You also want the process of getting clients to not involve you at all. This way, as your content gets traction, you can turn followers into clients on autopilot.

    This is where your automated Lead-gen funnel comes in place.

    All these tips are assuming you already have a lead-gen funnel in place. So all you do is focus on Content.

    Everything you are doing on Instagram to try to get clients is to fill up your funnel with leads.

    On Instagram here are 7 smart and easy ways to get people into your funnel.

    Instagram Story polls

    One of the most strategic ways to get clients on Instagram is through your stories.

    People are more likely to respond to story polls and respond to stories than they are to click the link in your Stories. 

    Instagram has done an excellent job of ensuring people log on to Instagram and never want to leave.

    So no, even though Instagram has a fancy Links sticker, people will not click your link in stories.

    Do this instead:

    • Using the Polls / Question Sticker, Ask 2-5 questions that qualify a prospect. Make sure to ask simple questions.
    • Message everyone who answers Yes.

    There is no friction here as people are more likely to answer questions. Plus, you are able to get qualified leads from this knowing that people are usually sincere with their answers.

    Instagram Story Replies

    People are more likely to reply to your story (it’s easy) than to click your link to leave Instagram.

    Use story replies to share your High-value lead magnet

    Automate story replies and keywords with Manychat so you don’t have to do this yourself.

    • E.g Do you want access to my ‘high-value lead magnet name’ – Type FREEBIE and I’ll send it to you

    You will be shocked at how many replies you get.

    But the key here is to ensure you are not responding to everyone who sends you the Keyword.

    Make sure to automate your DMs with a tool like Manychat.

    Your DM bot will then respond to everyone and give them the link. Let your Funnel do the rest.

    Sponsored/Guest post

    You can leverage the audiences of similar accounts in your niche. But you must have a clear, working strategy if you go this route. The best way to get leads from a sponsored or guest post is to offer something valuable to the new audience. 

    Post a piece of content on another person’s account. Then make an invitation to DM you a Keyword for your high-value free offer. 

    • E.g – DM me Keyword “MAGNET” and I’ll send you my Magnetic Attraction Guide. 

    This way you have a special keyword for your guest posts and you have clear data on how it converts.

    Comments in post

    First, ensure your content is high quality and targeted to your ideal client.

    Then In the first 5 lines of your caption, ask people to leave a comment with a Keyword to receive your lead magnet.

    People are likelier to drop a comment than to click the link in your bio. Your DM automation will do the rest.

    DM Keyword

    This is one of my favorite ways to get clients on Instagram. like the previous point, instead of asking people to leave a comment, ask them to DM you.

    Making people take that extra step to go into your DM to message you is a qualifier in itself.

    You are waking them up from their

    Link in bio

    Believe it or not, people do not like to leave Instagram.

    Asking people to click the link in your bio is a great way to lose 50% of all your potential leads and clients. No matter how much someone needs your solution, they still won’t click the link.

    Instagram puts people in a zombified state that creates friction and resistance. 

    People just want to keep on scrolling.

    Even when you ask people to click the link in your bio to get something for free, there is still resistance. 

    Notice how highly targeted the link is in relation to the call-to-action

    While you still want to leverage the power of the link in your bio, you want to ensure that the link will convert. 

    • Make the link in your bio a lead-gen funnel. 
    • Have fewer links in your bio
    • Customize the link for readability
    • Use your own domain instead of Linktree 
    • Always make a Call to action to the link in the bio

    Instagram LIVE + Keyword

    Instagram Livestreams is one of the most underutilized channels for conversion.

    If you are serious about getting clients and sales on Instagram, add Livestreams to your strategy.

    Again, you must be ready for your conversion process. The best call-to-action on a Livestream depending on your strategy is:

    • Click the link in the bio (Make sure there is a deadline for this offer, or it expires after the Livestream else they won’t take action)
    • DM me “Keyword” ( Make sure there is a limit on the offer)

    Your landing pages and funnels must be ready to receive the traffic you are sending from Instagram.

    This is the key to making any of this work.

    This way you can focus on your content process and let your funnel do the rest.

    If you want to learn how to set up your own lead gen funnel in a day, watch the Sales Funnel Workshop 


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  • Email Marketing for Beginners -Plus Best Practices

    Step by Step tutorial on How I Audit and Optimize my Email List on Flodesk

    Email marketing is an effective way to reach customers and prospects.

    It allows you to send messages directly to people who have opted in to receive emails from you.

    Opt-in means a user has given you their email address and permission to send them emails.

    Unfortunately for most creators, email marketing is the last thing on their minds. They want followers and Likes and Comments on Instagram. They usually do not think big picture.

    If you are serious about growing an online business that grows with you and pays you long into the future, then you cannot afford to do without email marketing.

    WATCH VIDEO – How to Optimize Your Email List for Conversions

    Email Marketing and Lead Generation

    Why Is Email Marketing Important?

    There are so many reasons why you need to start email marketing for your business. Here are a few very good reasons why email marketing is important for any online business.

    Generate more Leads for Your Business

    Email marketing has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers and prospects. Studies show that email marketing generates more leads than other forms of advertising.

    You can see it clearly in your own personal life, with how you consume information online.

    I bet you are more likely to sit through an interesting email, but on social media, you are swiping fast and forgetting the content as soon as you scroll.

    Own Your Contacts Online

    Think about this, every app, social media, or software you use online requires you to have an email address. It’s safe to say if people are on social media, they all have email addresses.

    It is the one contact detail we all need in this digital world. 

    So while you may have a lot of followers online, if you do not have their emails, you are growing your online business backward.

    The first thing I think about with every new brand or idea I have for an online business is email.

    WATCH CLASS: The Lead-Generation and Tripwire Funnel to Generate Leads on Autopilot

    Connect Directly with Prospects and Followers without Distractions

    Emails are a more engaging and immersive way to connect with your audience. Unlike social media where there is always another piece of content to distract the user, emails lock you in.

    This is why people are more likely to buy a product or service via email than through social media.

    I have been using email marketing for as long as I have had an online business.

    But to be successful with email marketing you have to know how to write emails that people want to open, read and take action from.

    Email Marketing Best Practices

    Fail-proof your email marketing efforts by ensuring you are following best practices to keep your list healthy. So many people begin email marketing for business and never optimize their efforts. 

    One of the most crucial parts of keeping your email list healthy is deleting subscribers who are unengaged. This sounds counterintuitive after all we are trying to grow a huge email list right?


    We are trying to grow a healthy, engaged list. 

    But wait, before you jump in and begin deleting subscribers, watch this quick tutorial below to teach you how to clean your list on Flodesk.

    Step by Step tutorial on How I Audit and Optimize my Email List on Flodesk

    The Basics of Email Marketing 

    Email marketing is an excellent way to stay connected with your customers and prospects. It allows you to send messages directly to people who have opted in to receive them. This means that you can reach out to your customers at any time and remind them about your products and services.

    Which platform is best for Email marketing?

    There are two main email marketing platforms I recommend to creators. For ease, simplicity, and functionality, I use Convertkit and Flodesk.

    For most creators, Convertkit may be a little too expensive especially as you begin to grow your list more and more. 

    If you are tight on a budget, then Flodesk is the best choice because it is one of the cheapest email marketing platforms. 

    Flodesk gives you unlimited emails and unlimited subscribers for a single one-time fee of only $38. If you use an affiliate link, you’ll be lucky to steal Flodesk for 50% off your first year.

    That means no matter how many subscribers you have or how many emails you send, you only pay a single fee of $19 monthly.

    Compared to Convertkit, that is a big steal and a huge deal. 

    However, I do prefer the automation and segmentation capability of Convertkit. It is more advanced than Flodesk, and as a Sales Funnel Strategist, I have to work with the best no matter the price. 

    To grab an affiliate deal on Flodesk and save yourself some coins, use this snappy link for $$ off.

    That said, when choosing the best email marketing platform for your business, there are so many things you must consider.

    Your Budget

    Can you afford the billing month to month for your email marketing provider? Ideally, your online business should be making money as long as you are doing email marketing the right way.

    Make a clear budget and plan and choose a platform you can sustain for the long term.

    Most creators use Flodesk because you can get unlimited emails and unlimited subscribers for only $19 monthly

    The Size of Your List

    How large of a list are you hoping to have? For most people, the more subscribers the better right? Unfortunately, most email marketing platforms will charge you more for more subscribers as you grow. 

    If you don’t want that, you’ll like the peace of mind from knowing you only pay a single monthly fee.

    I suggest checking out Flodesk and signing up for 50% off

    How Tech-savvy You Are

    If you are not big on tech and you want a simpler way to grow your email list, you want to choose a platform that is easy to use. Convertkit and Flodesk and very easy to learn and use. 

    If you are a complete beginner and would love to learn how to start your email marketing from scratch using Convertkit, this complete beginner’s course will prove valuable. 

    Flodesk is the winner here as it is generally much simpler to use than Convertkit.

    So if you want even more ease, then you must consider trying Flodesk.

    Types of Emails in Email Marketing for Business

    There are three main types of emails: transactional, promotional, and informational. 

    Transactional emails are those that help you complete a transaction such as purchasing something online or signing up for a service. 

    Promotional emails are used to promote a product or service. Informational emails provide general news and updates.

    Informational emails do a good job of teaching, engaging, and enlightening your subscribers. This could be in form of tips, helpful guides, and resources.

    All three types combined in your email marketing strategy will help you connect with your subscribers on a deeper level.

    Building an Email List From Scratch

    Building an email list is so easy I wonder why many people never start. If you are already creating content daily online, you should be building your list daily.

    To build an effective email list, start by asking people to sign up for your newsletter or a free lead magnet. This will give you a chance to introduce yourself and tell them more about your business.

    Once you have their contact information, you can send out regular newsletters with helpful tips and tricks.

    Here are Some of the Best Ways to Start Growing your Email list

    Depending on the nature of your business, you’ll want a list-building strategy that acquires only the best leads for you. This can be:

    Free Trial of Your Product /Service

    Ask people to sign up for a free trial. This is great for businesses that offer a product or software or service. People will exchange their email addresses to try your product. But you will have their contact to continue to sell to them even after their trial is over.

    Send a Weekly Newsletter

    A wonderful resource for your brand and business is weekly newsletters. Newsletters can be a round-up of your best ideas, tips, and resources for your subscribers, etc.

    If you cannot maintain a newsletter every week, perhaps you could try a bi-weekly newsletter. 

    Newsletters are usually deeper, richer content and it works because you’ll be able to move your audience with deeper content.

    Giveaway a Lead Magnet / Free Resource

    One of the most popular ways of growing your email list is to craft a high-converting lead magnet or free resource. This is a powerful strategy as you will be able to attract your ideal target audience and buyers. You want to ensure you are creating the right lead magnet that is optimized to convert.

    Host Free classes and Webinars

    As a coach and course creator, this is probably my best way to grow a highly targeted email list.

    The people who sign up for your free classes and webinars are usually also the most qualified for your offers. They are the ones who are more likely to buy from you eventually.

    You must be careful to create classes or webinars that are very related to your offers so the transition to the sale becomes seamless. 

    Offer a Coupon / Discount 

    This is a perfect way to grow your email list especially if you are a product-based business.

    You can offer an incentive with a coupon/discount for items in your store. But you must make sure people have to sign up to get it.

    For example: “Claim 40% Off your First order”

    This will help drive sales, and at the same time grow that email list.

    That’s it for now! I hope this guide helps you start your own Email Marketing efforts the right way!


    When you are ready, Here are other ways I can help you grow your business

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