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  • How to Make $1000 Fast From Home by Monetizing Your Knowledge Online

    If you want to learn how to sell your knowledge online and make your first $1,000 the smart way, this is for you.

    I’m going to assume you already have something to teach people which is why you want to sell your knowledge.

    Too many people complicate the process. I have already previously shared a more comprehensive guide on how to monetize your knowledge online.

    But in this article, I’ll simplify it all the way down so you can copy and paste my exact strategy for $1000.

    But first, let’s answer your biggest question.

    how to make $1000 fast online by monetizing and selling your knowledge

    How can I sell my knowledge online?

    If you’re reading this, chances are you already have a social media page, a smartphone, and a brain full of knowledge. For simplicity, this is all you need to sell your knowledge online.

    Of course, you’d need people to sell to and that’s what I will show you how to do in this post.

    If I were starting over from scratch with no money and a small audience, here’s exactly how I’d make $1000 in 30 days or less by selling my knowledge online.

    (all you need is your brain and the internet)


    What I’m about to share with you works if you work it.

    This is the exact system I used to make $4,863 in only 6 days.

    Do yourself a favor and bookmark the steps below so you can come back to it when you’re ready.

    Let’s jump in.

    How do you package and sell your knowledge online?

    There are so many ways to package your valuable information into a product that people can pay for.

    You can sell

    • eBooks
    • Online Courses
    • Masterclasses
    • A Paid newsletter
    • Coaching services
    • Group Coaching cohorts
    • Memberships and Subscription sites
    • A paid social community e.g Discord, Telegram

    The opportunities are endless and you’re only limited by your imagination!

    Can I make $1000 online selling eBooks?

    The simple answer is yes, and even more.

    Most people who start monetizing their knowledge online start with eBooks. eBooks are as old as the internet and still very valuable today.

    When I started selling my knowledge online, I started by writing and selling eBooks.

    These simple eBooks helped me earn my first $5,000 through Instagram alone.

    But If I was starting over from scratch today as a beginner, I’d not start with eBooks.


    Look at this simple monetization math

    To make $1000 selling eBooks, you’d need

    100 people x $10 = $1000

    A smarter, faster way to the money would be to create a high-value 1-on-1 coaching offer that you can sell above $100.

    Now you need to find only

    10 people x $100 = $1000


    4 people x $250 = $1000

    even better

    1 person x $1000 = $1000

    The key here is to create an offer so good that people cannot say no.

    Then position it in front of people who need it and who can pay you.

    Like this ↓

    First, think about what you can sell.

    • What problems have you solved for yourself?
    • What results have you gotten in the past?
    • What do people ask you for help with?
    • What do you know like the back of your palm?

    Next, identify exactly who needs this offer and the demographic of the people who can afford it

    • Who are they?
    • What do they complain about?
    • What keeps them up at night?

    To monetize your knowledge successfully you have to create a high-value offer that people need

    People confuse the offer with the product. Your offer is more than just a product people buy, it is the transformation that the product will create for your buyer or students.

    Tie your expertise to their problem and come up with a solution.

    A high-value offer paints a vivid, clear picture of worth in the buyer’s mind.

    But it will also

    • Promise their dream outcome
    • Prove they can achieve it
    • Reduce the time it takes
    • Simplify the steps to get there

    For example, if you’re a weight loss coach for women.

    The product on sale is the Coaching.

    Offer 1 – 1-on-1 Coaching – How to lose post-pregnancy weight fast ($200)

    Offer 2 – Bounce Back Mama – 1-on-1 coaching to help you drop post-pregnancy weight in 60 days, without going to expensive gyms, while still eating all the foods you love (includes accountability + grocery lists and healthy nutrition guides) ($200)

    Do you see the difference?

    Which one of these do you think is worth the price?

    Can you see how Offer 2 can easily be priced at whatever the coach decides its value is?

    To create an offer you can charge more money for, you must

    • Be specific about the outcomes
    • Be confident in your promise
    • Remove barriers to success
    • Be clear on your targeting
    • Include even more value

    ????Don’t Sell Information

    Your information is valuable. But nobody wants to pay for information. They want to pay for their dreams and transformation and positive outcomes.

    If you want to monetize your knowledge, don’t sell information.

    Sell solutions to problems.

    Next, deliver your Offer to Sell your knowledge

    Now that we are clear on your offer, let’s move to how you’ll deliver this offer and earn $1000 in 30 days or less

    There are 2 simple ways I teach my students to do this.

    • Sell 1.1 coaching
    • Sell a group class

    Your 1-to-1 can be priced much higher than a group class, but they are similar.

    I prefer group classes because they allow me to serve many people at a time and also create community.

    But if you’re just getting started, start with 1-to-1 to build your confidence.

    The plan is to work with as many people as you can, get results, generate testimonials, and eventually have a tested offer that you can turn into a digital product.

    Set the right price for your coaching

    Next, let’s take care of that pricing issue.

    Many beginners worry about the price. Don’t be like them. Start thinking about your price as a reflection of the value you offer.

    Remember, your clients are not paying for 1 hour of your time. They are paying for the results contained in that 1 hour.

    Here are 2 keys to help you set the right price.

    ???? # 1 – Charge low enough that they believe they are getting a grand deal, but high enough that you attract only people who are serious.

    ???? # 2 – I like to ask myself – “If I were in my prospect’s shoes, what would be a fair price for this?”

    Use your discernment.

    Now, the most important part..

    Attract clients on social media

    Give yourself the goal of focusing only on attracting clients.

    • Create a landing page
    • Set up a virtual Ticket (I use
    • Make sure to write a detailed description of your offer
    • Create content daily on social media (X / Instagram / LinkedIn)
    • add a CTA to direct people to buy your ticket

    But there is a catch.

    Don’t tell them to go click the link in your bio, you’d lose your buyers. Do this instead

    ✅ Ask people to DM you for the info.

    Especially when you still have a small audience. You want to know exactly who is interested in your offer.

    This DM strategy will also help you

    • Follow up with prospects
    • Do Market research via chats
    • Collate a list of Potential clients

    So now your plan looks like

    • Create an offer
    • Post daily content
    • Make CTA to DM you
    • Send the link to book with you
    • Follow up till they give you their money

    You cannot fail if you follow this plan. All the work rests on the type of content you share, and the value perception of your offer.

    Bookmark this, use it, and go sell something valuable today.

    Here’s more ways I can help you now ↓

    Steal 60 Minutes on the clock to coach with me 1-on-1. I’ll work with you on any questions you have on Mindset, Marketing, and your Monetization strategy.

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    Hi, my name is Eva, I’m a music artist, writer, and co-founder of Africa’s leading course hosting platform . I teach you how to create a life you love and monetize your passions online.

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  • How to Make $1000 Fast By Monetizing Your Knowledge Online

    Let’s make some money together. Anyone with a social media page and valuable knowledge can do this.

    If I was broke and I needed to make $1000 online in 7 Days or less, here’s what I’d do

    How to make money online fast

    This Free guide will show you simple ways to: 

    • Serve your audience
    • Uncover a profitable idea
    • Create an offer that gets you paid
    • Expand your offer suite with more products
    • Turn one offer into a Sales Funnel to earn on Autopilot

    If you love the idea of sharing what you know and getting paid for it, keep on reading. 

    1. Find out what my present audience needs

    The first step is research.

    There are so many ways to find out what people want to pay for. In this case, I’d send out a very simple Google form to survey my audience. 

    Most people are usually happy to answer a few questions if you ask nicely. 

    Ask simple questions like: 

    “What are you struggling with in ‘topic’ 

    “What’s the one thing keeping you stuck from doing X?’ 

    2. Craft a compelling tutoring offer

    Based on the responses received, I’d craft a tutoring offer to solve the most common problem. 

    A tutoring offer in this case would be a one-time class or coaching. I can decide to contact each participant in my survey to help them 1:1. 

    Or I can choose to host a group class to help more people at once. 

    I’d make sure this tutoring offer is the first step in my offer ladder, more on that later. 

    3. Create a simple Sales page to sell tickets

    Next, I’d design a simple landing page using WordPress. If you don’t know how to build websites or landing pages, create a simple ticket offer on Kobocourse.

    For copywriting that converts, I’d follow the ultimate sales page blueprint to ensure I write compelling copy to influence sales. 

    Your Sales page can make or break your business. 

    It is the single bridge between you and your potential customers or students. 

    4. Promote the Tutoring offer/class with daily Content

    I’d plan to post high-converting content and lead my audience to check out this Tutoring offer. 

    My daily content will call out the pains, frustrations, and problems my audience is having. 

    I’d pull inspiration from my initial survey for content ideas. 

    My CTA would be:

     “Join me in the Live class and I’ll teach you how to solve X” 

    If I decide to go with 1:1 coaching, my CTA could be, “DM me to book a call” 

    5. Host the Class Live / Take 1:1 Calls

    Next, I’d host this class Live and teach my concepts to the group. 

    My Tickets would be anywhere from $27 – $97 depending on the offer and the audience. For 1:1 coaching calls, I could price higher at $150 – $250 

    I prefer Live group classes where I can teach many people the same concept at once. You have to do what works for you.

    6. Upsell attendees to a Premium 1:1 Coaching

    Your Live class/ call is an opportunity to meet with people who are at the first step of your offer ladder. Chances are, what you’re teaching at this stage will help them move on to the next stage. 

    Once done with the call or class, I’d present the next step. 

    For example: If I teach people how to write, design and publish their eBooks for Profit, my Live class could be: 

    “How to Write Your eBook Like a Pro” – Live class for $47 

    And the next step could be: “How to Make $10,000 in 30 Days Selling Your eBook” – Coaching for $750 

    7. Send Emails to Sell the Replay

    Now my initial Live class can become a new Digital product I can sell.

    I can package up the replay as a New Workshop to continue to serve my audience. This in itself becomes a Sales Funnel for my business.

    Even better, I can create a Free Lead magnet Funnel and add this Workshop as a Tripwire. I can then use my Leadmagnet Funnel to grow my email list and have the class selling on autopilot in the funnel.

    This is a very simple system I have used over and over again. If you ever wanted a quick cash injection in your business, try this and let me know in the comments how it helped you!


    Here’s how I can help you now:

    Apply for a Call and Work with me 1:1 to Build your Sales Funnels for you so you can Automate your entire business. This is for serious coaches who are ready to level up their business online

    The Profitable Digital Product Planning Workshop: Steal the Exact 3-Step Strategy I use to Research, Validate, and Sell my Digital Products even before I make them. Don’t create another Digital Product, eBook, or Course until you watch this class

    Go from 0 to $1000 in 30 Days or Less. Discover the Proven Formula for Monetizing Your Knowledge as a beginner and generating your first $1000 easily

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  • Are Online Courses Still Profitable in 2022?

    The straight answer to this is Yes!

    Even more so now than ever before. 

    The world has changed drastically in the last couple of years due to the unfortunate outbreak of the pandemic in 2020. It is no surprise that more and more people are online now, as the pandemic forced us to be quarantined and work from home.

    Many more people are embracing the work from home, learn from home attitude, and as such, there is a huge increase in the number of people searching for solutions online. 

    If you are yet to create an online course, now is the perfect time as people have become more accepting of the digital world, transacting business, connecting with friends and family, improving themselves, and getting an education, all online!

    As you can see from this Google Trend search below, the search for the keyword “Online Course” has only continued to rise in the past five years. 

    How to Make Your Online Course More Profitable

    So many course creators are faced with the daunting feeling that perhaps their online course is not valuable enough, and they need to improve the information or add more modules to make it appear fuller. 

    SEE ALSO: How to Make Money Online With No Money using

    But simply adding more and more modules into a course is not what makes it valuable. A valuable online course is one that does what it says it would do for the student.

    Not everyone who begins an online course actually goes through the entire content and finishes up. It is estimated that only 20% of the students go through the complete course material.

    So your task is not merely to add more modules to make the course appear valuable, you should instead be focusing on helping your students go through the material easily and achieve results faster.

    How do you make an online course Profitable?

    Have you created an online course already or thinking of creating one? Simply increasing the price of a course without increasing its value to your students is not what will make your online course profitable. You need to follow proven tactics and strategies which I will share with you below. 

    Once you have one or a combination of these in place, you can bet your next Dollar that the perceived value of your course will increase dramatically.

    Here are 7 Ways to Make Your Online Course More Profitable

    Your course is only as valuable as it can get results for your students. Here are 7 simple things to do to Increase the Value of your course and even potentially increase the price.

    • Add Worksheets, Templates, and corresponding documents that will help students practice what you teach: This is a great way to really make your course come alive. By adding templates and such documents, you give your students more resources to help them achieve their goals faster. Watch this quick tutorial to learn how to add worksheets and templates to your course.
    Step by Step How to Add Worksheets and Templates to your Course on
    • Include hands-on training or one-on-one coaching access: Some creators and coaches are available to work one-on-one with their students. Adding this simple offer can exponentially increase the perceived value so you can raise the price of your course. People love access, and most times are more than willing to pay for it. Simply adding two Live group coaching to your course can prove profitable. Create a simple Coaching gig directly from your dashboard on Kobocourse.
    • Create a Community for the students: People like to be around like-minded people. This is why social media gets all the attention and why people still spend time in Facebook groups and Discord communities. Humans are generally community-driven and having a community in your course can be the difference between a course that thrives and is successful and one that isn’t. You can set this up easily with Facebook groups or with the powerful Membership feature on Kobocourse.
    • Add Exercises and Homework for students: Adding homework or things to do is the perfect way to ensure your students are practicing the information in your course. You can add compulsory work-to-do assignments to each module of your course and force your students not to move to the next module without finishing the first. Your students will be glad for this because it encourages them to do the work and leads them closer to their own goals. Remember, your course is only as profitable as it can get results for your students.
    • Offer direct QnA portals or Forums: If your students know that they can send in questions anytime and get answers directly from you or your team, this alone can trigger a sense of support which is what everyone needs. Your students don’t only need the information in your online course, they also want to know that they will be supported if they ever need help. Kobocourse makes this a seamless process with a Questions box that is displayed with all of your courses and you can easily respond to questions from your students on your Kobocourse dashboard.
    • Offer Challenges and Prices for completion: Just like your work-to-do or homework for your students, you can offer group challenges that everyone participates in from time to time and add prices for winners. These types of added bonuses deepen that sense of community with your students and help them feel motivated to actually implement your course. 
    • Set your Courses to Expire at a certain time: A very effective, yet not so common strategy is to set your courses to be accessed for just a limited time. Some coaches set their courses to expire after a year and because students know that they will have to pay again to access the material, they are usually forced to finish the course. You can do this easily with the Membership feature on Kobocourse and you can create a Membership course site that is set to monthly, quarterly, or yearly access. 

    Remember, the more you help your students get what they want, the easier it is for you to get what you want. If your students are successful from taking your online course, they are more likely to leave Testimonials and this in turn will give you leverage to sell more courses.

    Ready to sell your own profitable online courses?

    Make sure you are using the best, most affordable course hosting platform with the right tools for more sales. Sign up now for a Free Kobocourse account to start selling your own courses the smart way.


  • Why you should sell your digital product or coaching offer before it is ready

    Or at least, try to

    I don’t believe I have ever created an offer that I wasn’t afraid of selling. Just like you, I have dealt with a fair share of being frightened to death at the thought of showing up to sell. It is precisely because of this fear of selling that I push myself head-first into telling people about my product and getting them to pay me even before I have ever created the thing. It could be an eBook, an online course, a new coaching idea or offer that I am literally just mapping out.

    I never wait to be ready to sell the thing.

    If I got a really good idea for a new workshop or webinar, an eBook, online course or group coaching offer, I simply would shift into mapping out a sales strategy that I needed to implement within a week and I’ll begin my marketing campaign to sell the thing.

    Has it worked every time? Yes. Do I absolutely, 100% sell out my offers? No. But I make sales.

    I pretty much get paid for the digital product by real people before I set down to create the product fully.

    Here’s why this is important and why it works.

    Perhaps the biggest win for me is that I am able to validate that I have a working, profitable idea. If my digital product is going to do well, then it has to do well with a tiny group of people in the initial sales process. I have come to understand that if people are not willing to pay for your digital product even without seeing proof of it’s existence, then chances are you have chosen the wrong product or idea.

    I have had several conversations with creators and coaches that always go something like this, “Eva, I have created my eBook but selling it has been difficult, nobody wants to buy.”


    “I spent three months creating this course and I believe it has a lot of value but my followers are not buying.”

    I know what this is like because I have been there myself with my first online course.

    Thinking that when you create the product, the buyers will come, is a thought that has thwarted the entrepreneurial dreams of so many digital creators.

    Selling the idea before the product is ready, and possibly getting people to buy into that idea by putting their money down for it, will not only motivate you to create a great product, it will also earn you some income in the start.

    And earning is important. The reason you are creating a digital product in the first place is to turn your knowledge into income and spread your ideas to educate and inspire people. If your idea is a profitable one, it has to make you money before it becomes a real thing.

    Depending on your offer and what the actual product is, the sales strategy that you employ will vary.

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    How To Sell With Instagram Stories: 4 Powerful Hacks


    How to Sell an eBook

    /before it’s ready

    When I am selling an eBook for instance, one of the easiest ways to sell an book before I ever put a word down is to first, create the eBook cover in a simple app like Canva.

    This cover does not have to be the final cover but it does have to be good enough as a first cover. Next I’ll create all the digital mockups and graphics for the cover so I can share it on Instagram, or via email. I show you this entire process in The Profitable Digital Product workshop which you can watch here.

    In a very quick post in my stories or on my feed, I’ll then announce the eBook using this dummy book cover I created in Canva and I’ll make a call to action to my audience for any one of these:

    1. Get the first chapter free (using this to grow a waitlist)
    2. Announce the book and ask to get on a waitlist
    3. Announce an initial offering for a discounted pre-order
    4. Announce that I am writing the book and the first 100 people to pre-order can get it for $1 or something ridiculous
    5. Announce a QnA relating to the eBook title and engage my audience

    How to Sell a Masterclass

    /before it’s ready

    If I were selling a workshop or live masterclass, it gets even easier to sell before the slides are ready.

    I simply would create a banner image with the title of the workshop, create the sales page very quickly in wordpress, set up the tickets for sale on Kobocourse and begin to tell my audience to buy tickets.

    If I don’t get any ticket sales or enquiries in my DMs about the workshop, then I know something is wrong. Usually it could be the title or headline of the class, or the topic generally just doesn’t work for my audience.

    This is why being able to uncover exactly what your audience needs help with and what they want to pay for is important before you ever create the digital product or coaching offer. In The Digital Product Workshop, I share 4 Powerful tactics you must follow in order to find out what your audience want, plus I also break down strategies to help you sell and make money before you create the product.

    This class is not free but you’ll get approximately 2 Hours to watch the Training for free instantly when you follow this link.

    How to Sell an Online Course

    /before it’s ready

    Usually I’ll sell an online course with a webinar, and that webinar could be Live or automated. Also, depending on the price of the course, if it is above $300, I would very easily opt to sell it with a Live webinar /workshop presentation. The very first time I test out a new course idea or begin the process of creating the course, I will host a live webinar and get people to register for it.

    Next, just like in the case of an eBook or Masterclass, I would create the banners and mockups and all digital images for the course and the course content and this would be my sales assets during my presentation.

    For a pre-sale like this, it is important that your audience know that the release date of your course is far ahead into the future, preferably one month or more ahead but they can possibly get access to some bonus material or free offers in the meantime.

    Many coaches choose to teach their courses live in the beginning. They test out their methodologies and concepts with Live training participants and students, host the course Live through the period of a few weeks and very often, later down the line the course is then packaged as an instant access course.

    Whatever you choose to create, you can sell it all before it is ready and you should aim to do that.

    The very first step however is to invest time towards creating products that people need, not just products you think sound great on paper.

    So to avoid the hassle and headache of working on a digital product that no one cares about, watch the digital product workshop now to learn exactly how I come up with ideas for products that sell all the time.

    Now, here’s the hard part and why this may be a bad or horrible idea for you

    If you are unable to handle the sudden rush of anxiety from jumping straight into something you haven’t fully planned and mapped out, the resulting spike in your anxiety levels may trip you up.

    In simple terms, this is not for the faint hearted.

    For many people, it is easy to go crazy and begin to rush to complete a product haphazardly because you don’t have enough time. If this is you, then you want to make sure you have at least gotten the product /idea to at least 40% completion before you try to announce it.

    Selling an idea, literally air to people and having only your own word to keep you accountable is quite a task. You can either use the resulting fear and the warming of your hands as your nerves race, as a confidence booster.

    Confidence in your own independent ideas. Confidence in the fact that yes indeed you really can sell this thing. Confidence in knowing that even one single person paying for your idea before you create it is proof that your knowledge is worth getting paid for.

    And knowing exactly how to get people to pay you for what you know is what I am about and that’s what I aim to help you do.

    If you are ready to finally put your ideas into the world and get paid for what you know, go watch The Profitable Digital Product workshop to learn how to come up with the best ideas for products that people need and want to pay for.

    Here’s what students who attended this class Live are saying ??